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Episode 42: “We are not all the same!” How to Differentiate Supervision

Sept 26, 2022


Season 4, Episode 2:

Many teachers recoil at term “supervision.” Who can blame them. So often it is something done to teachers with a tenuous connection to their unique, professional needs. Authors Ann Mausbach and Kim Morrison are on a mission to fix that. In this episode, they remind leaders that teachers need differentiation as much as students do; there is no one size fits all approach. They also know that this can be a tricky task for busy administrators, so they share their framework to help leaders conceptualize and execute high quality supervision across the school year, including co-constructing look fors, layering feedback, gathering relevant data and incorporating findings seamlessly into professional development. With their method of differentiated supervision, teachers will be a lot happier when leaders and coaches walk into their classrooms because they know the focus will be all about support.  



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Ann Mausbach


Ann Mausbach

Ann Mausbach, co-author of Leading Student-Centered Coaching: Building Principal and Coach Partnerships (Corwin, 2018), School Leadership through the Seasons: A Guide to Staying Focused and Getting Results All Year (Routledge Eye on Education, 2016) and Align the Design: A Blueprint for School Improvement (ASCD, 2008) has been an educator for over 30 years. Ann’s belief that the greatest investment a leader can make is in people not programs has focused her work on supporting principals and teacher leaders with the tools they need to align purpose with action.  Her administrative experience includes serving as a Coordinator of Staff Development, Director of Curriculum, Director of Elementary Education and an Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. She currently works as an Associate Professor for Educational Leadership at Creighton University in Omaha, NE.

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Kim Morrison - Kazmierczak


Kim Morrison

Kim Morrison-Kazmierczak, co-author of School Leadership through the Seasons: A Guide to Staying Focused and Getting Results All Year (Routledge Eye on Education, 2016), is the principal of an urban elementary school located in the Midwest.  Her administrative experiences have included elementary, middle and district administration for over twenty years.  She has primarily worked in at-risk environments addressing complicated issues of equity, poverty, homelessness and special education. She was named Middle School Principal of the Year by School Administrators of Iowa in 2016. She has been the coordinator for new teacher induction, McKinney Vento Homeless Grant and Safe and Drug Free Schools.

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Peter DeWitt


Peter DeWitt

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D.), a former school principal in Upstate, NY, previously taught elementary school for 11 years. His syndicated blog, Finding Common Ground, is published by Education Week and he is a freelance writer for Vanguard Magazine. Peter has traveled the world, developing content, visiting school sites, influencing policy, and presenting with John Hattie. He has worked with educators at schools, districts, educational service centers, and educational organizations, including the Council of Chief State School Officials. His presentations focus on school leadership, school climate, as well as safeguarding LGBT students and other social justice topics.

Learn more about Peter's onsite professional development consulting, Collaborative Leadership, and connect with him on Twitter.



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Differentiated Supervision

Differentiated Supervision

Differentiated Supervision shows you how to develop a laser-like focus on improving an entire system while simultaneously addressing the individual needs of a diverse teaching staff. It lifts supervision out of isolation and presents a comprehensive model that provides a coherent method for creating a culture of supervision for supporting individuals, small groups, and the whole school in implementing high leverage strategies that improve student learning. Readers will find:

  • A clear framework for knowing what supervision practices to use when, and for what purpose
  • Useful templates and protocols for different supervision practices on a companion website
  • Helpful examples and vignettes from the field to show how to differentiate supervision for teachers
  • A unique focus on student learning at the center

Supervision is more than a series of steps that leads to final evaluation - its changing the culture and achievement in your school from just thinking about it as appraisal, but a powerful mechanism for growth.

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