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Corwin eBooks

Corwin eBooks may be purchased from your favorite provider.

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For Individuals


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Corwin books are available as eBooks?
Corwin offers over 1600 eBooks via our partners and we are publishing new eBooks every month.

How can I find out which Corwin books are offered by providers for schools and districts?
You may check with your provider’s account representative or contact your Corwin account manager. Most providers carry a large number of Corwin titles.

How can I find out which Corwin books are offered by providers for individuals?
You may visit the provider’s web site and search for the book title or author.

What if I need support with a purchase or another issue?
Please check first with your provider for technical support. Each provider’s purchase method and platform is different, and they are the best source of support. If you are unable to find the answers you need from the provider, you may contact support@corwin.com.

Do I need an eBook reader to read eBooks?
Not at all. Most of our eBook partners provide their own free software or platform which can be used to read eBooks on your computer or on an iPad, tablet, or Smartphone.

How do I determine which format to purchase?
Corwin eBooks are available in two main formats.

ePub uses a reflowable text format to display your eBook. This allows for a smooth reading experience, especially if there are lengthy sections of narrative or expository text with few tables or graphics. Books with many tables and graphics may not display as well in this format.
Web PDF format maintains the look of the print book and may be a better option for books with numerous tables, figures, and graphic elements.

What if I want to print pages from an eBook?
Please check the details on your provider’s website for information about printing functionality. This varies with each provider.