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The podcast by education leaders for education leaders

Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Every week Dr. Peter DeWitt and our guests get together to discuss what's working and what's not in education so you can ensure every student is learning not by chance, but by design. For current and aspiring school leaders, this podcast covers evidence-based approaches for tackling immediate needs in education professional development from equity and SEL to burnout, assessment, interrupted formal learning, school administration, and more.

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Podcast episodes


Leaders Coaching Leaders PodcastEven More Learning Made Visible

Season 5, Episode 10

The one and only John Hattie joins to share the sequel of his seminal book, Visible Learning. It is not merely an update on previous content, but a concerted effort to focus on what we don’t already know about, along with data that has changed... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders PodcastAdaptive Challenges, Collective-Efficacy, Confirmation Bias and More

Season 5, Episode 9

Scheduling common planning times is not just about moving some pieces around on a chart. It's also about the educators who enter these spaces and the beliefs they carry with them. In this episode Donohoo and Katz help listeners see that many decisions have both a technical and adaptive aspect to them...Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders PodcastMastery Learning

Season 5, Episode 8

Going deep into education research can feel daunting, but not when you’re listening to Tom Guskey. Sharing the highlights from his latest book, Implementing Mastery Learning, third edition, Guskey begins with a short history of mastery learning and ends with its continued relevance today...Go to the episode




Leaders Coaching Leaders PodcastHow is Student Behavior Going?

Season 5, Episode 7

How much training did you get on classroom management before you became a leader or teacher? The answer is probably: not much—and we are seeing the catastrophic results...Go to the episode




Leaders Coaching Leaders PodcastHow to Get Your Initiatives to Stick Once and for All

Season 5, Episode 6

Do you know how to identify the white space in your organization? No? Well not knowing could explain why some of your great ideas fail to gain traction. In this podcast, James Marshall discusses how school leaders can master successful implementation...Go to the episode


Leaders Coaching Leaders PodcastMaking Black Success Predictable

Season 5, Episode 5

Joseph Johnson, an expert in urban education reform, shares what leaders in high performing urban schools do differently. He skillfully articulates that great achievement with these students is not an anomaly and, in fact, reliably occurs when certain pieces are in place... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders PodcastA Brain Friendly Chat

Season 5, Episode 4

In this episode, world renown neuroscientist David Souza and differentiated instruction expert Carol Ann Tomlinson discuss matters of the brain and its connection to effective instructional strategies.... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Leading While Female

Season 5, Episode 3

If we look at the data, we can safely say women are doing the work of classroom teaching while disproportionately, men are making administrative and leadership decisions. On this episode, three school leaders discuss how to start breaking down barriers and leading the way for future generations of women leaders...Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Restoring Humanity Through Personalized Learning

Season 5, Episode 2

"If it’s not sustainable, then it’s not best practice.” This quote speaks to Paul France’s commitment to honor both teachers and students. In this episode, France provides a clear yet nuanced understanding of personalized learning...Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

How to Realistically Retain Your Joy

Season 5, Episode 1

School leaders and teachers have really been through it the last few years. Remaining optimistic can be quite a challenge under such circumstances. Enter Debbie Silver—speaker, author, humorist—to shed light on how to stay positive in 2023 and beyond... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

More Courageous Leadership

Season 4, Episode 8

Mike Soules discusses what he learned about leadership during times of crisis, holding true to your values even when external pressures are high and spearheading innovative approaches to common challenges... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

7 Mindshifts for Tackling Old Problems

Season 4, Episode 7

Poor achievement scores, teacher turnover, funding shortfalls and political pressures. These are just a few issues that have dogged the education profession for years; they seem intractable. But this session’s guests, Connie Hamilton, Joseph Jones, and T.J. Vari, disagree... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

The 10th Anniversary of Putting FACES on the Data

Season 4, Episode 6

Reminding ourselves of the children in front of this data is key to improving instruction. Listen as Lyn shares the origins of this practice, strategic moves that make everyone a leader of learning, and the infrastructure she has built... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

So You Think You Want to Write a Book...

Season 4, Episode 5

There is a question that Peter Dewitt gets often: How do I go about getting a book published? In fact, he’s heard it so much, that we decided to pull back the curtains on this process for interested listeners... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Transforming Schools for Multilingual Learners

Season 4, Episode 4

In this episode, Debbie Zacarian shares updates in the world of educating multilingual learners. This research includes a more nuanced understanding of the sociocultural underpinnings of language development, a shift from deficit to asset-based models that affirm the value of multilingualism, a greater appreciation of the importance of both culturally responsive instruction and more...Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

How Welcoming is Your School?

Season 4, Episode 3

This episode’s guests, Darryl Diggs and Howard Fields, speak candidly about the conditions in many schools that make some black and brown staff members feel unwelcome.... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

How to Differentiate Supervision

Season 4, Episode 2

Many teachers recoil at term “supervision.” Who can blame them. So often it is something done to teachers with a tenuous connection to their unique, professional needs. Authors Ann Mausbach and Kim Morrison are on a mission to fix that. In this episode, they remind leaders that teachers need differentiation as much as students do; there is no one size fits all approach... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Teacher Retention: Who’s Abandoning Whom?

Season 4, Episode 1

In a follow up to their widely popular Edweek article, the luminary Michael Fullan and seasoned practitioner Joanna Rizzotto discuss the roots of our teacher retention problem—the system of schooling itself... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Leader Credibility

Season 3, Episode 10

When we see a great leader in action, it can seem like magic. But thankfully it’s not. In fact, there is a science behind the people we trust and want to follow. It is the science of credibility...Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Schools on the Move

Season 3, Episode 9

A coherent system has never been more important for schools. In fact, the best buffer against crisis, learning loss, and changing human resources is a school that has uniform systems, shared language, and a common vision.... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

A Smarter Way to Discuss the Reading Wars

Season 3, Episode 8

Many educators are tired of the pendulum swinging so often when it comes to reading instruction. And while this fatigue is understandable, the low reading rates of so many children demand continued attention. In fact, many argue that it is the social justice issue of our time... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Working with Families

Season 3, Episode 7

Behind every great school are active and engaged families. Period. Yet it can be so easy for this to fall through the crack for busy leaders. This episode's bestselling author, Steve Constantino, will break down why it’s important to prioritize engaging families, how engaging families has shifted in our current time, and give some practical tips that work quickly. .... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

How De-implementation Can Ease Overwork

Season 3, Episode 6

In this episode, Peter Dewitt discusses the concept of de-implementation and why it’s a term that should be on every leader’s mind. He sounds the alarm on what will continue to happen to our school communities if we don’t start easing the overwhelming workload for teachers and principals.... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Dear School Leaders

Guests: Ayanna Perry, Matthew Kay, Christina Nosek, Georgina Rivera

Season 3, Episode 5

If you have ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and hear what your most respected and productive teachers have to say, this is the session for you...... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

How to Help Leaders Stick Around

Guests: Andrea Kane, Tim Cusack, Vince Bustamante

Season 3, Episode 4

We all know the principal who has led their school for over a decade. How does that happen? What makes them feel like they can make a difference year after year. Our guests today would say it is likely..... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

The Meeting You Need to Have

Guests: Lorna and Kurtis Hewson

Season 3, Episode 3

Collaborative does not always mean productive or responsive. Earmarking time in the day for educators to meet and discuss the needs of children is essential, but only if these meetings scale solutions and build teacher capacity.... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Do You Really Understand Equity?

Guests: Tammy Campbell, and Chaunte Garrett

Season 3, Episode 2

Today, we hear the rallying cry for equity all around us. Education leaders champion its cause, but how seamlessly is the work folded into their everyday practice? Equity cannot stand alone or be part of a title given to some person working somewhere in the organization.... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Courageous Leadership

Guests: Michael Fullan, Mark Edwards, Dr. Joris Ray, and Dr. Marty Pollio

Season 3, Episode 1

Covid. Book bans. Polarizing legislation. The last few years have been relentless in their efforts to pull district leaders’ attentions away from the normal business of running schools. But some leaders have remained a true beacon of light, keeping everyone’s eye on what is best for students... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Leading 5 Generations in Your School

Guest: Mark White

Season 2, Episode 10

For the first time in recent history, school leaders have five generations in their schools: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z (entering as brand-new teachers), and Gen Alpha students. In this far-reaching episode, Peter DeWitt and Mark White discuss how schools can leverage new technology to reach their youngest teachers and students, how to retain and attract more Millennials and Gen Z teachers, and how to move from managing to coaching with all generations...Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Improving Leadership Team Habits With Anthony Kim

Guest: Anthony Kim

Season 2, Episode 9

In schools, the logistics of how our teams work together are just as important as what we work together to do. In this super practical episode, organizational development expert Anthony Kim shares better habits for school leadership teams to adopt... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Empowering Women in School Leadership

Guests: Trudy Arriaga & Delores Lindsey

Season 2, Episode 8

The stories we tell about school leadership are predominantly male - but that needs to change. In this important episode, authors Trudy Arriaga and Delores Lindsey share new stories about women in school leadership, and paint a picture of what gender equity actually looks like... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Supporting Students in Poverty

Guest: Horacio Sanchez

Season 2, Episode 7

Dr. Horacio Sanchez brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to this deep dive into the effects of poverty on learning. Covering language development, empathy, behavior, and bias, this wide-ranging episode will center on what school leaders need to know to support students from impoverished situations... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Building Up Your Leadership Teams

Guest: Peter DeWitt

Season 2, Episode 6

In this episode, host Peter DeWitt sits in the hot seat to talk about his new book, Collective Leader Efficacy. Much has been written about the power of teachers' collective efficacy to impact student learning - but Peter has found that collective efficacy can enhance the role of instructional leadership teams as well... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Leveling Up Your Leadership

Guest: Daniel Bauer

Season 2, Episode 5

Daniel Bauer, self-proclaimed Ruckus Maker and popular podcast host, is all about improving leadership development through masterminds: small groups of school leaders coming together to support each other and "level up" their leadership... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Affirming Every Student's Humanity

Guests: Sharone Brinkley-Parker, Tracey Durant, Kandice Taylor, Lisa Williams, Kendra Johnson, Johari Toe

Season 2, Episode 4

To prioritize all students' dignity as humans sometimes requires us to step outside of our comfort zones. In this episode, the six authors of Humanity Over Comfort share their thoughts on how we can all contribute to achieving equity... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Establishing Better Mentoring Systems

Guest: Carol Radford

Season 2, Episode 3

Author, speaker, and expert mentor Carol Radford shares her expertise on why mentoring continues to be an important element of any teacher's success - but especially for new teachers after COVID-19... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

High Expectations and Authenticity

Guest: Debbie Silver

Season 2, Episode 2

Power house speaker and author Debbie Silver joins Peter DeWitt to talk about the importance of reaching students with authenticity and empowering them with high expectations… Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

What Will You NOT Do This Year?

Guest: John Hattie

Season 2, Episode 1

In our first episode of Season 2, John Hattie joins Peter DeWitt to talk about the benefits of de-implementation, or deciding what NOT to do in the 2021-2022 school year. After COVID-19 forced many school districts to simplify, the temptation is to pick up again with lots of new programs to combat "learning loss" and other initiatives.… Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Accelerating Learning after COVID-19

Guests: Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

Season 1, Episode 10

COVID-19 was the disruption none of us wanted or expected - but it happened. Now school leaders have a choice: Will you contribute to the negative narratives surrounding it, or rebound better than before? In this informative and practical episode, Peter talks with Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey about shifting the narrative from "learning loss" to "learning leaps”… Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

The Game of Grading

Guest: Tom Guskey

Season 1, Episode 9

Grading in the U.S. is typically a hodge podge amalgamation of many measurements: homework, quizzes, tests, projects, participation, and many other factors. Grading often becomes a game for many students, and some students simply refuse to play.… Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Engaging Kids in Learning Transfer

Guest: Julie Stern

Season 1, Episode 8

Memorization is not enough; applying what you know to new and novel situations is a necessary skill for all students today. This skill is called learning transfer, and Julie Stern talks about the importance of how teaching conceptual understanding can be a powerful way to engage students not only in learning, but in processing their own experiences.... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Demystifying Collective Efficacy

Guests: Jenni Donohoo & Megan Tschannen-Moran

Season 1, Episode 7

Collective efficacy has become a buzzword in recent years - with accompanying misunderstandings, misapplications, and criticisms. In this de-mystifying and debunking episode, Peter DeWitt talks with collective efficacy experts Megan Tschannen-Moran and Jenni Donohoo. The authors clarify... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

The Imperative of SEL

Guests: Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan & John Hannigan

Season 1, Episode 6

SEL doesn't come to any of us naturally; the skills to take care of ourselves must be taught explicitly. Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan and John Hannigan share how to do this from a distance (i.e. online in virtual teaching), as well as in person... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Right Drivers for Whole System Success

Guest: Michael Fullan

Season 1, Episode 5

After publishing a 2011 paper on the four wrong drivers of school system reform, Michael Fullan sits down with Peter DeWitt to talk about the new right drivers that bring whole system success. School and system leaders can use these four drivers to focus on the right priorities as schools recover from COVID-19 and seek to accelerate learning again.... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Re-Engaging Multilingual Learners

Guests: Debbie Zacarian, Margarita Calderón, Margo Gottlieb

Season 1, Episode 4

After the distance learning experiments of 2020, schools have an opportunity to engage multilingual learners and their families in a whole new way - or maybe even for the first time... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Navigating Resistance to Equity Work

Guests: Candace Raskin & Melissa Krull

Season 1, Episode 3

Why is there resistence to "doing what's right for students"? How can school leaders start to break down or go around that resistance? Developing our racial consciousness as leaders - especially as white leaders - is important before we can support teachers and students of color... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Leading SEL by Modeling It

Guests: James Bailey & Randy Weiner

Season 1, Episode 2

School leaders often make decisions to help their students and staff - but when it comes to investing in themselves, they are notoriously negligent. Social-emotional learning is personal work, and school leaders have to be willing to engage in the work themselves before they can lead others in doing the work... Go to the episode



Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast

Thriving Through Hyperchange

Guest: Dwight Carter

Season 1, Episode 1

Award-winning principal Dwight Carter shares how school leaders can maintain positivity in the midst of accelerating changes - and even learn to embrace them. Not all disruptions are negative - some are actually necessary for growth... Go to the episode

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