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Image of Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey. Fisher & Frey Your partners in building confident, lifelong learners.

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Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey are your partners in building confident, lifelong learners. They are the thought leaders behind numerous professional learning services and authored many books that have been revered in the K-12 space. With over 45 years, combined, in education and research, Douglas and Nancy know first-hand the many struggles facing schools across the country and build processes to help you and your team grow and your students succeed.

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Watch the Fisher & Frey Story   

Discover the origin story of one of our favorite education duos. Learn more about their background, how they started their school in San Diego, and see what made them two of the most prolific and respected authors in K-12 professional learning and literacy.

Featured Services

Discover strategies that build students' conceptual understanding of mathematics ideas.
Discover strategies that build students' conceptual understanding of literacy ideas.
These workshops unpack a process for designing instruction that invites students into the learning proces.
Building upon prevailing PLC methodology, PLC+ refreshes current collaborative structures, and helps support teachers' decision making. 


Created to honor Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey’s contributions to education, the Fisher & Frey imprint includes their classics in literacy instruction, as well as books on topics such as student engagement and teacher clarity. With new titles published every year, Douglas and Nancy continue to take taking research-based methods, grounding them in their own teaching and learning experiences, and making them accessible to educators everywhere. 

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