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The Math Pact

A school-wide solution for students’ mathematics success!

When teachers unite across grades, students hit the ground running every year. Take the next step together as a team and help all your students build on existing understanding to find new success and most importantly, love learning and doing mathematics!

Through this work, you will identify, streamline, and become passionate about using clear and consistent mathematical language, notations, representations, rules, and generalizations within and across classrooms and grades. Importantly, you’ll learn to avoid “rules that expire”—tricks that may seem to help students in one grade but hurt in the long run.

These guidebooks can be implemented seperately by elementary, middle school, and high school teams, or across a K-12 district.

What is a Math Whole-School Agreement?

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Start Your Fall Math Instruction Strong by Working Collaboratively: Implementing a MWSA and Partnering With Families | Corwin

This fall is an ideal time for schools and districts to take a more cohesive, collaborative, and community-oriented approach to mathematics learning. Discover the benefits of working closely with colleagues through a Mathematics Whole School Agreement (MWSA) and the advantages that partnering with families has on children’s mathematics development. Both approaches—especially when combined—target students’ learning needs in new ways and move them forward through deep and meaningful mathematics learning.

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