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Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals: Additional Resources

Listen to, watch, and read conversations with Tan Huynh and Beth Skelton as they discuss how to affirm the linguistic, cultural, and experiential assets that multilinguals bring into the classroom. 

Learn more in their book, Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals.


Q and A

How to Help Long-Term English Learners Progress
Classroom Q&A with Larry Ferlazzo

Tan and Beth answer questions including who "experienced multilinguals" are, three specific needs of experienced multilinguals, what "engineering exams" and "text engineering" look like in practice, the three easiest scaffolds for teachers to implement, and more. 

Teacher high-fiving a student

Scaffolding Ensures Equity for Multilingual Learners
Corwin Connect

As part of a collection of strategies to ground lesson plans in equity, Tan and Beth explore two parts of their instructional framework—designing lessons that are comprehensible and ones that structure output for secondary students. 

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A Lesson Template That Works for All Students

Tan walks through a lesson planning template that any general or specialist teacher can use without modification and that follows the key principals needed to teach multilinguals content-specific language. 

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Building Justice into Exams for Multilinguals

For multilinguals, exams are often a reading and writing test in disguise. Tan and Beth offer specific suggestions for engineering exams that are equitable for multilinguals. 

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Scaffolding for Experienced English Language Learners

In higher grades, multilingual students need to develop a grasp of academic English. Here’s how to help them acquire the skills they need.


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Author's Chat Webinar
English Learner Portal

Tan and Beth share four essential actions and practical strategies that create the conditions for success for experienced multilingual students, the assets-based term for students often classified as "Long-Term English Learners." 

Tan Huynh, Beth Skelton

Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals
Corwin Monday Afternoon Webinars

Tan and Beth propose the more assets-based term "experienced multilingual" to replace the "Long-term English Learner" label and share an instructional framework that creates the conditions for long-term academic success for this group of multilingual learners.

Beth Skelton presenting a webinar for multilingual learners

This 45-minute webinar addresses ways that leaders of multilingual learners can create the conditions for success for experienced multilinguals school-wide. Tan and Beth share suggestions from Chapter 7 of their book. 


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Supporting Intermediate English Learners in Every Subject
Cult of Pedagogy

Tan and Beth join Jennifer Gonzalez to discuss specific strategies teachers can use to help experienced multilinguals reach their full potential across the curriculum.

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Supporting Long Term English Learners: Start by Changing the Label with Tan Huynh and Beth Skelton
Highest Aspirations by ELLevation 

Tan and Beth discuss the limitations of the "Long-Term English Learners" term, how to support experienced multilinguals with scaffolding, and strategies for school-wide implementation of these practices that foster an environment where all multilingual learners can thrive.

Tan Huynh Learning2 Podcast Logo for Bangkok 2023

See Where They Can Go

Tan and Beth discuss their assets-based instructional framework and practical strategies that cultivate the conditions for multilinguals' long-term success, in advance of Tan's presentation at Learning2 Asia 2023. 

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Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals
Shifting Schools

The Shifting Schools podcast re-shares Learning2's interview with Tan and Beth discussing their new book. 

schoolutions podcast with olivia wahl

Ensuring Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals
Schoolutions Podcast with Olivia Wahl

Beth and Tan call for us to shift the long-term English learner (LTEL) label and mindset to honor multilinguals’ valuable life experiences and academic potential instead. This podcast episode is also available to watch on YouTube

The Ed Branding Podcast: Episode 20 featuring Beth Skelton and Tan Huynh

Episode 20: Beth Skelton & Tan Huynh
The Ed Branding Podcast

Dr. Renae Bryant and Lynette White talk with international education consultants specializing in plurilingual/English Learner education, authors and speakers Beth Skelton and Tan Huynh.


MLLChat Book Club Chapter Dates

Live Twitter Chat
Tan's Twitter | Beth's Twitter


Join Tan and Beth for a discussion of the following chapters of their book:

  1. September 16: Intro + Chapter 1
  2. September 23: Chapter 2
  3. September 30: Chapter 3
  4. October 7: Chapter 4
  5. October 14: Chapter 5
  6. October 21: Chapter 6
  7. October 28: Chapter 7
Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals asynchronous book study

Asynchronous Book Study
English Learner Portal

In this 15-hour, asynchronous book study course, Tan and Beth address the largest subgroup of English learners, those currently labeled as "Long-Term English Learners." In their book, they intentionally use the term experienced multilinguals as an affirmation that these students are capable of reaching the highest academic standards under the optimal conditions.

A copy of the book is included in the cost of the course!

Tan Huynh photo

Tan Huynh

Tan Huynh (he/him) (tankhuynh. com) is a career international school teacher, consultant, and author specializing in secondary multilinguals and teacher collaboration. Coming to America as a refugee at the age of 5, Tan vividly remembers the difficulties of acquiring a new language and integrating in American culture while nurturing his Asian roots. This experience is the main engine that drives his work today. At school, he spends most of his time collaborating with teachers and in content-area classes to make content accessible. Full bio
Beth Skelton photo

Beth Skelton

Beth Skelton (she/her) (www. bethskelton. com) is an independent consultant focused on creating equitable educational experiences for multilingual learners. She has been working in the field for over three decades teaching elementary, middle, high school and adult language learners in urban, suburban, rural, and international settings. As a university exchange student to Germany, Beth experienced firsthand the challenges that experienced multilinguals face when studying new content in their non-heritage language. She could communicate with peers, but still needed additional scaffolds to successfully write formal papers, read academic texts, and comprehend dense lectures. Full bio

Affirm the linguistic, cultural, and experiential assets that multilinguals bring into the classroom. Learn More.