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Tan Huynh

Tan Huynh (he/him) (tankhuynh.com) is a career international school teacher, consultant, and author specializing in secondary multilinguals and teacher collaboration. Coming to America as a refugee at the age of 5, Tan vividly remembers the difficulties of acquiring a new language and integrating in American culture while nurturing his Asian roots. This experience is the main engine that drives his work today. At school, he spends most of his time collaborating with teachers and in content-area classes to make content accessible. The rest of the time is spent teaching English language and literacy skills. Outside of school, Tan often presents internationally to schools and districts to support their work with multilingual students. Tan also hosts a blog, online courses, and a podcast about teaching multilinguals. With whatever time is left, Tan likes to work out, play badminton, and get lost in nature with his dog child. You can collaborate with Tan at Tan@tankhuynh.com and @TanKHuynh on Twitter.