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Great Teaching by Design: From Intention to Implementation

Great Teaching by Design: From Intention to Implementation

Presented by John Hattie, Vince Bustamante, John Taylor Almarode, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
[Recorded] Date: Monday, February 08, 2021
Duration: 60 minutes

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Why leave student success to chance? By combining your intuition and experience with the latest research on high-impact learning practices, you can evolve your teaching from good to great and make a lasting difference for your students. Join the authors of Great Teaching by Design as they lead you through how to turn good intentions into great practice through a model of implementation. 

Participants will learn to:


  • Engage in practices of diagnosis/discovery of their learners unique dispositions
  • Develop a practice of implementation and evaluation of their impact on student learning
  • Use the DIIE model as a system of implementation in their classrooms to measure the impact they have on student learning


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