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Measuring Student Learning in Any Setting

Measuring Student Learning in Any Setting

Presented by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Allan Hattie and Vince Bustamante
[Recorded] Date: Monday, November 30, 2020
Duration: 60 minutes

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We know the assessments used in face-to-face classrooms are not always practical or impactful in remote learning. Thus, the question: How do we assess what our students have learned in distance and blended environments?

In this webinar, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Hattie, and Vince Bustamante guide teachers with examples, strategies, and assessment techniques that can be leveraged regardless of the learning environment. Educators can use decision-making tools to foster student learning, gauge the impact of their teaching, and measure progress and mastery. Aligned to the research-based content found in the authors’ The Assessment Playbook for Distance & Blended Learning, you will learn:

  • “Assessment cookies,” or insights that can be used to inform assessment decisions
  • A “playlist” of distance learning assessment tools to match every learning intention
  • How to use formal tools of evaluation in distance learning to document learning for reporting purposes