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Deep Learning

Deep Learning
Engage the World Change the World

A Joint Publication With Ontario Principals' Council

December 2017 | 208 pages | Corwin

Engage the World Change the World

Deep Learning has claimed the attention of educators and policymakers around the world. This book not only defines what deep learning is, but takes up the question of how to mobilize complex, whole-system change and transform learning for all students.

Deep Learning is a global partnership that works to: transform the role of teachers to that of activators who design experiences that build global competencies using real-life problem solving; and supports schools, districts, and systems to shift practice and how to measure learning in authentic ways. This comprehensive strategy incorporates practical tools and processes to engage students, educators, and families in new partnerships and drive deep learning.

    INTRODUCTION: Making Deep Learning a Momentum Maker
    SECTION I Engage the World Change the World
    Relevance Unfound  
    The Allure of Deep Learning  
    The Challenge  
    Reimagining Learning  
    What Is Deep Learning?  
    Why Deep Learning Matters  
    It’s All About Re-Culturing  
    Final Thoughts  
    Coherence Making for Whole System Change  
    Making Deep Learning Coherent  
    A Framework for Deep Learning  
    Final Thoughts  
    SECTION II The Living Laboratory
    Deep Learning as a Force for Change  
    Emerging Discoveries  
    Making Deep Learning Come Alive  
    Final Thoughts  
    Chapter 5 DESIGNING DEEP LEARNING: Learning Partnerships
    The New Pedagogies  
    Learning Partnerships  
    Final Thoughts  
    Chapter 6 DESIGNING DEEP LEARNING: Learning Environments, Leveraging Digital, Pedagogical Practices
    Learning Design  
    Learning Environments  
    Leveraging Digital  
    Pedagogical Practices  
    Making the Four Elements Gel  
    Final Thoughts  
    Chapter 7 COLLABORATION COUNTS: Inquiry That Shifts Practice
    Cultivating Collaboration and Capacity  
    The Collaborative Inquiry Process  
    Collaborative Learning Design  
    Collaborative Assessment  
    Final Thoughts  
    What Is Whole System Change?  
    Learning Conditions That Foster Deep Learning  
    The New Change Dynamic  
    Deep Learning in Action  
    Final Thoughts  
    New Measures  
    Early Findings  
    The Global Moderation Process  
    Final Thoughts  
    SECTION III A Precarious Future
    Chapter 10 SIRENS OR SALVATION: Deep Learning Hell or Heaven
    The Sirens  
    The Plot Thickens  
    Appendix: The Seven Countries
    About the Authors

    This book elevates deep learning from an instructional tool to a systemic approach designed to create powerful synergies to enhance professional, social, and cultural capital. It is built on the deep belief that all students can learn if school systems shift from sorting talent, where only a minority of winners cross the finishing line, to developing the talent of diverse learners. Deep Learning’s power lies in providing practical advice to help school systems evolve, for rules to become guidelines, and ultimately, for good practice to become culture.

    Andreas Schleicher, Special Advisor on Education Policy to OECD’s Secretary-General, and Director of PISA

    We live in a world where creativity is our new capital. Michael Fullan, Joanne Quinn, and Joanne McEachen’s book takes us deeply into this world. Read, launch, and learn!

    Daan Roosegarde, Dutch Designer, Architect, and Innovator

    Drawing upon decades of hard-fought education experience and with an eye toward our precarious future, Michael Fullan, one of the world’s most respected education experts, along with co-authors Joanne Quinn and Joanne McEachen, has written a comprehensive and practical guide on school transformation. Intended for both policy makers and practitioners, the book toggles between theory and practice to deconstruct the “how” of education system change. It is a must read for anyone who is serious about preparing our children for the complex, interdependent world they will inherit.

    Barbara Chow, Former Education Director
    William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

    Michael Fullan, Joanne Quinn, and Joanne McEachen offer a powerful set of ideas to enable deeper learning on a large scale. Deep learning develops examples at every level of the system—from the individual student and teacher, to the classroom, school, and state—suggesting how learning may be radically redesigned in ways that could change schooling as we know it.

    Linda Darling-Hammond, President, Learning Policy Institute, and Charles E. Ducommun Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
    Learning Policy Institute; Stanford University

    There are many “deeper teachers,” some “deeper schools,” but very few “deeper systems.” For that reason, we are very lucky that Michael Fullan, Joanne Quinn, and Joanne McEachen have channeled their prodigious talents for identifying the right levers for systems change to deeper learning. Drawing on their work with 1,200 schools in seven countries, they describe concretely what powerful learning looks like for both students and adults, and how system leaders can support the creation of challenging, engaging, and empowering learning for all students. Every system leader who wants to transform their system from an industrial era bureaucracy to a modern learning organization should read this book!

    Jal Mehta, Associate Professor
    Harvard Graduate School of Education
    Key features
    • Deep learning is different in nature and scope than any other education innovation ever tried. It changes outcomes and changes learning by delving into  meaningful matters in a way that alters forever the roles of students, teachers, families and others.
    • Introduces two new Cs – character and citizenship. These two competencies are proving to be game-changers that allow students to focus on complex problems, take responsibility for their learning, and have concern for and contribute to the world.Several videos demonstrating deep learning design and innovative leadership in practice
    • Rich classroom vignettes illustrate what deep learning looks like in action in a variety of contexts spanning K-12 examples from 1,200 schools in seven countries.
    • A unique emphasis on equity and excellence. Illustrating how deep learning is particularly critical for students who are disadvantaged and differently-abled.
    • Provides the Deep Learning Framework which illustrates the many critical layers involved in ensuring the success of deep learning in the classroom.
    • Sample protocols for assessing the effectiveness of the 6C implementation; sample rubrics for assessing the effectiveness of learning conditions; rubrics to assess the 4 key elements
    • Provides guidance and practical strategies readers can use to mobilize and support deep learning to change their classrooms, schools, districts and systems.
    • Several videos demonstrating deep learning design and innovative leadership in practice

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