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The Taking Action Guide to Building Coherence in Schools, Districts, and Systems

Taking Action is a hands-on guide providing step-by-step protocols that foster deep coherence essential to supportive and focused reform. Includes video links, print resources, and protocols.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781506350271
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2016
  • Page Count: 96
  • Publication date: April 28, 2016

Price: $19.95

Price: $19.95
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Get there faster: Your road map to smart, sustainable change!

If you’ve been wondering how to effectively turn system overload and fragmentation into focused and coherent school, district and system change, look no further. Taking Action (TAG) is a hands-on guide to Fullan and Quinn’s groundbreaking book, Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts and Systems. It provides step-by-step protocols to help you foster deeper coherence for maximum student learning—all within a reasonably short time frame. The video links, print resources, diagnostic planning tools, protocols and activities provide a delivery “skill set” to develop:

  • Deeper understanding of The Coherence Framework: focusing direction, cultivating collaborative cultures, deepening learning, and securing accountability
  • A 100-Day Plan to greater coherence
  • Ongoing and specific coalition-building actions
  • Leadership and capacity-building skills
  • Critical organizational coherence assessments
  • Effective and efficient systems to assess your organization

Ensure rich and meaningful dialogue that builds the right mixture of “pressure and support” needed for effective, focused school and district change. Get the building blocks to develop ongoing and specific actions. Fostering greater coherence is at your fingertips with this instant action guide!



Michael Fullan photo

Michael Fullan

Michael Fullan served as Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Special Policy Adviser in Ontario from 2003-2013. He received the Order of Canada (OC) in December 2012 and holds five honorary doctorates from universities around the world. His ‘interim autobiography’, Surreal Change, covers his work to 2018. Michael and his colleagues are now working diligently on field-based comprehensive system change in several countries. This work operates under the umbrella of what they call the ‘shared humanity paradigm’ —Equity, Engagement, Excellence--Deep change that integrates local (school and community), middle (district/regional), and state (policy) entities.

Fullan’s favorite method of learning is to partner with groups that are engaged with change; and to learn together with them. (And then to write another book about the experiences, and what was learned).

Michael Fullan’s latest books are: Nuance (2019), Spirit Work and the Science of Collaboration (with Mark Edwards, 2022), The Principal 2.0 (2023), and The Drivers (with Joanne Quinn, 2023).

For more information on books, articles, videos, podcasts please go to: www.michaelfullan.ca

Joanne Quinn photo

Joanne Quinn

Joanne Quinn is an international consultant and author on system change, leadership, and learning. As co-founder and global director of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, she leads the capacity building of a global innovation partnership across eight countries focused on transforming learning. Joanne has provided leadership at all levels of education as a superintendent of education, implementation advisor to the Ontario Ministry of Education, and Director of Continuing Education at the University of Toronto. Recent books include Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts, and Systems; The Taking Action Guide for Building Coherence in Schools, Districts, and Systems; and Deep Learning: Engage the World, Change the World. Joanne's diverse leadership roles and her passion to open windows of opportunity for all give her a unique perspective on influencing positive change.
Eleanor Adam photo

Eleanor Adam

Eleanor Adam consults internationally in the areas of leadership, change and learning and is a Senior Consultant for the Michael Fullan Enterprises Capacity Building team. She has worked with educators in a variety countries and states to improve and deepen learning for all students through excellence in classroom instruction and principal and district leadership. Her recent work has focussed on whole system change through the development of coherence at the state and district levels.

She has served as a teacher and principal in both elementary and high schools as well as an acting Superintendent and Supervisor of Special Education for a school district. At the provincial level, Eleanor facilitated the implementation of education policy in 5,000 schools. In her role as the Program Manager for Continuing Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, she worked collaboratively to enhance additional qualifications courses that were both engaging and meaningful for all educators in the province. Developing and leading meaningful professional learning is a passion that Eleanor has pursued throughout her career. She facilitates relevant learning that is grounded in her experiences but incorporates new research and encourages critical thinking and collaboration.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


How to Use This Guide

Overview of the Modules

Chapter 1. Coherence Making

1. Quote Walkabout Protocol

2. Say Something Protocol

3. What? So What? Now What? Protocol

4. Video Jigsaw Protocol

5. Coherence Framework Assessment Protocol

Chapter 2. Focusing Direction

6. Quick Write Protocol

7. Video and Slide the Line Protocol

8. Reduce, Reframe, Remove Protocol

9. Change Quality Quadrant Protocol

10. Carousel Brainstorming Protocol

11. Turn and Talk Protocol

12. Think-Pair-Share Protocol

13. Both Sides Now Protocol

14. Integration Inventory Protocol

Chapter 3. Cultivating Collaborative Cultures

15. Concept Attainment Protocol

16. Video Viewing Advance Organizer Protocol

17. Four A’s Protocol

18. Lead Learner Competencies Protocol

19. Reciprocal Teaching Protocol

20. Sticky Note Clustering Protocol

21. Read, Record, Retell, Relate, and Reflect Protocol

Chapter 4. Deepening Learning

22. Affinity Protocol

23. 6Cs Protocol

24. Through the Looking Glass Protocol

25. Shifting Instructional Practices Protocol

26. Instructional Coherence Framework Protocol

Chapter 5. Securing Accountability

27. Three-Step Interview Protocol

Chapter 6. Leading for Coherence

28. Check for Understanding Protocol

29. Reviewing Leadership Plan Protocol: Part A

30. Reviewing Leadership Plan Protocol: Part B

Chapter 7. Mastering the Framework

31. Taking Action Protocol

32. Coherence Progression Protocol

33. Coherence Planning Protocol


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Price: $19.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

For Instructors

This book is not available as a review copy.