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  • Student engagement
  • Classroom management
  • Active learning
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Dealing with block scheduling
  • Brain-based learning



  • The Active Classroom: Practical Strategies for Involving Students in the Learning Process: This highly interactive workshop will give teachers strategies they can use immediatley in classrooms at any grade level. If you are looking for a passive workship environment, this isn't it. The foundation for this workshop is based on the requirements of the Common Core State Standards (Speaking and Listening, Comprehension, and Collaboration). The presenter will model serveral strategies, including pair shares, paired verbal fluency, conversation flip side, and synectics. Participants will move, share, laugh, and learn in a fast-paced workshop environment that is practical and fun.
  • From Seatwork to Feetwork: Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking in K-12 Classrooms: Lace up your sneakers, grab a pen, and join Ron Nash for a high-energy workshop that will give you tons of practical strategies for engaging students in any classroom. You’ll be standing, moving, sharing, laughing…and learning during this instructive and enjoyable workshop. Ron will model think-write-pair-share, paired verbal fluency, priming, elaborative rehearsal, distributive practice, give one/get one, and tons of physical and mental state changes. He will also model ways to use movement, music, and humor in this fast-paced day of fun and learning.

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