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Updated Edition of Bestseller

From Seatwork to Feetwork

Engaging Students in Their Own Learning
Second Edition
By: Ron Nash

Foreword by Marcia L. Tate

This newly revised edition is informed by new brain-compatible research and offers additional K-12 classroom examples, combined with proven strategies that energize and engage learners.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781506323787
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2015
  • Page Count: 216
  • Publication date: November 04, 2015

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The essential book on student engagement—now fully updated!

Learning is not a spectator sport. That’s the guiding principle behind Ron Nash’s bestseller, which has helped thousands of teachers transform their classroom environments by energizing and engaging their students.

In the newly revised edition, Nash offers proven strategies that involve students as active participants in their own learning. Teachers of all levels will benefit from

  • The latest research on exercise, learning, and brain development
  • New chapters on the value of empathy and the use of feedback versus praise
  • Additional material on maximizing the use of classroom time and supporting speakers and listeners
  • Even more classroom examples at both the elementary and secondary levels
  • Novel teaching strategies that align with the Speaking and Listening Skills requirements of the Common Core State Standards

    Discover—or re-discover—this trusted resource, combining down-to-earth wisdom with important insights on movement, memory, and learning.

“Mr. Nash understands learners, particularly today’s learners, and he effectively advises how to embrace their need for a more participatory role in their own learning. I recommend this book to all teachers those who are new and those who need to be “re-newed.” Buy a copy, buy a new highlighter, and prepare to be inspired to make sure it is the students who are tired at the end of the school day, not the teacher.”
Debbie Silver, Ed.D.
Retired teacher, author, consultant, speaker

Key features

  • Expands on the role of exercise in learning and brain development.
  • Includes classroom examples at both the elementary and secondary levels.
  • Includes specific references to the Speaking and Listening Skills section of the CCSS.
  • Discusses John Hattie's research
  • Author(s)


    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents




    About the Author

    1. Mirror, Mirror

    2. Their World and Welcome to It

    3. Exercise and Learning

    4. Reflection and Discourse

    5. Perspective and Empathy

    6. Competition and Collaboration

    7. Frontloading and Facilitating

    8. Feedback and Praise

    9. Give Them Their 80

    10. Show the Status Quo the Door

    Appendix A: Providing Support for Speakers and Listeners

    Appendix B: Maximizing the Use of Time in Classrooms





    Price: $33.95
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