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John E. Hannigan

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Dr. John Hannigan has served in education for over 20 years as a teacher, instructional coach, principal, and county office leadership coach. John is a sought-after consultant who works with schools and districts across North America on designing and implementing systematic multi-tiered systems of support for both academics and behavior. Dr. Hannigan holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from California State University, Fresno. As principal of Reagan Elementary in California's Sanger Unified School District, John played a key role in the school earning California State Distinguished School, California Title I Academic Achievement Award, Gold Ribbon School, California Honor Roll School, Bonner Award for Character Education, and Platinum Level Model School Recognition for positive behavior interventions and supports. John has written numerous articles and co-authored nine books. He is the co-founder of Hannigan Ed-Equity Group LLC.

Connect with him on Twitter @JohnHannigan75



  • Alternative/Innovative Discipline that works!: This workshop provides an overview of Alternative/Innovative discipline and demonstrates the importance of providing restorative, reflective, and instructional methods of supports for students in place of traditional methods of discipline. This workshop also is designed to teach the participants how to assign effective alternative discipline that works!
  • Equity in Discipline: This workshop is designed to help educators understand the disproportionality in discipline in minority students. It is designed to help educators use data to help identify inequities in discipline and develop actions to close the gap.
  • How to create effective school-wide (Tier One) behavior interventions at your school: This workshop is designed to help educators establish the foundation for an effective school-wide (Tier 1) behavior system. The PBIS Tier One Handbook is used as a guide to behavior teams in this session to assess, develop action plans, and set behavior and academic goals.
  • How to create effective targeted/at-risk (Tier Two) behavior interventions at your school: This workshop is designed to help establish effective targeted/at risk (Tier 2) behavior interventions. The workshop helps educators do a fidelity check on their interventions and assess whether or not they are being implemented effectively to help students.
  • How to create effective individualized/intensive (Tier Three) behavior interventions at your school: This workshop is designed to help educators provide intensive/individualized interventions for general educational and special education students demonstrating the need for additional supports. It is also designed to help educators assess the fidelity of implementation and effectiveness of Tier 3 interventions at their school.
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) – Supporting “ALL” Students Through a Systematic Approach: This session is designed to guide participants through an interactive process to help them understand the why, what, and how of effective MTSS implementation. Specifically, participants will learn how to audit and align their current practices, structures, interventions, and resources across all levels of the educational system in order to support ALL students. They will also learn how to effectively integrate academics and behavior through a data based decision making and continuous improvement lens. Participants will gain access to practical tips and tools that will guide and support their work in creating an infrastructure necessary to improve equity and access for all students in their schools.
  • Social-Emotional Learning: Changing the Culture of School Discipline: This workshop is designed to provide an overview of how to create effective social-emotional behavior systems: Tier 1 (school-wide), Tier 2 (small-group/targeted), and Tier 3 (individualized) in schools. This workshop will provide examples for educators on how to incorporate social-emotional practices in each tier of intervention in order to support a culture of school discipline that focuses on teaching behaviors similar to teaching academics.

What People are Saying:

The workshops we have received have been exemplary. It has provided the support and training our sites need in order to fully realize a highly engaging school climate for all students. The support tools provide a valued resource for our site leadership, and when combined with the training information, provide a comprehensive support system for our district to maximize our efforts in promoting a positive school climate.

- Director of Student Services

Attending this workshop has helped me become a better leader at my school. It helped me learn the importance of addressing behavior similar to academics when working with students who are demonstrating challenging behaviors in school. I recommend this workshop for all educators. Looking at behavior systems in this way is eye opening and will change the culture of your school in a positive way.

- Principal

Participating in this workshop has helped me shift my belief system about how I conduct discipline at my school. It provides the tools, resources, and practical examples of how to use alternative discipline to change behaviors in lieu of suspensions.

- Vice Principal

Dr. Hannigan is an expert on PBIS and alternative discipline approaches. She shared many great examples and provided our administrators and staff with resources and ideas on how to address the most common discipline

- Lydia Martinez, Prevention and Intervention Coordinator, Parlier Unified School District, CA