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Professional learning services built for impact on all learners  

Corwin provides sustained, job-embedded professional learning that supports educators to strengthen the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and practices that have the greatest influence on student growth and achievement. 


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Donnell Gregory

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Donnell Gregory, an adjunct professor at University of Dayton and a full-time educational consultant, offers his expertise by providing short- and long-term, on-site and virtual professional learning services for teachers and leaders. Prior to his current roles, Gregory was the youth commissioner for the City of Dayton and worked with the division chief of Education Programs, along with other education specialists, to design activities for NASA-sponsored Inventing of Flight Celebration and other programs using the NASA Science, Engineering & Mathematics curriculum. With experience in K-8 teaching, Gregory has also published articles discussing the effects of inequitable funding practices and the disproportionate influence of socioeconomic status on educating students in high-risk situations, particularly minority youth.


  • Curriculum Planning and Design
  • Framework for Intentional Teaching
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Formative Assessment

Certified In

  • PLC+
  • Teacher Clarity