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Corwin provides sustained, job-embedded professional learning that supports educators to strengthen the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and practices that have the greatest influence on student growth and achievement. 


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Bruce Potter

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Bruce Potter is a passionate leader with over 25 years’ experience in education serving the upstate New York region. Bruce began his career as a classroom teacher and has also held leadership roles at the building level as a principal and at the district level as both an assistant superintendent and now serving two districts as superintendent for over 10 years. Bruce’s major accomplishments have come in his role as superintendent. He led one of his schools to go from a state designation of needing improvement to a status of school in good standing. Another school achieved a graduation rate of 75% serving a cohort of students sent to his district as they were previously identified as a potential dropout. His district’s special education population outperformed similar cohorts in NYS growth scores by a margin of 2:1. In his current position, he is leading his district’s implementation of Visible Learning+. He preaches and lives a continuous improvement mindset.

Certified In

  • PLC+
  • Success Criteria
  • Teacher Clarity
  • Visible Learning+ Foundation Series
  • Visible Learning+ Impact Series
  • Visible Learning+ Impact Coaching
  • Visible Learning+ School Capability Assessment