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Visible Learning

Shift the focus from what teachers are teaching to what students are learning.

Professor John Hattie of the University of Melbourne, Australia, has long researched performance indicators and evaluation in education. Hattie wanted to understand which variables were the most important and those that will have the greatest effect? The result is Visible Learning-- which is a mindset shift and a movement.

The Visible Learning Research

The power of the Visible Learning lies in the research that helps educators understand, measure, and evaluate the impact they can have on student growth and achievement. It’s the world's largest evidence base on what works best in schools to improve student learning.

Hattie's research, spanning nearly three decades, examines and synthesizes over 2,100 meta-analyses that is comprised of more than 132,000 studies. His comprehensive approach involves 300 million students around the world. The research is captured in the Visible Learning MetaX, a research database, making it possible for educators to understand the research, adapt it to your unique context, and make informed decisions based on evidence to maximize their time, energy, and resources.

Explore the Visible Learning Research



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Explore Visible Learning books

The Visible Learning Official Collection offers practical resources that distill the insights found in the Visible Learning research so that all teachers and school leaders can apply the strategies that have the greatest impact on student learning. 

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Put the research into practice

Based on the research of John Hattie, Visible Learning+ professional learning enhances the capability of school leaders and teachers and provides a long-term, sustainable solution to improve student learning and increase schoolwide achievement.

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Attend an event

Created and delivered by education experts and designed for individuals or small teams of educators, Corwin offers high-impact virtual or in-person learning events packed with strategies and tactics that can use immediately to impact student learning. 

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Search free resources

Find research-backed, evidence-driven, and educator-approved content on Visible Learning and beyond. Made for all types of educators and growing by the week, this database has you covered--from on-demand webinars, Leaders Coaching Leaders Podcast, and more.