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What the Past 5 Years Have Taught Us About Grading for Equity

What the Past 5 Years Have Taught Us About Grading for Equity

Presented by Joe Feldman and Shantha Smith
[Recorded] Date: Monday, March 04, 2024
Duration: 60 minutes

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Joe Feldman, author of Grading for Equity (and the recently-published 2nd edition), leads an organization that has partnered with over 200 district and schools. He and his colleague, Dr. Shantha Smith, will discuss the evolution of equitable grading in the last 5 years, the lessons we're learning—the challenges, possibilities, the embracing, and the pushback—and how the global pandemic and BLM movement changed everything (or didn't). Most importantly, they will discuss the question of how we move forward to make grading more accurate, bias-resistant, and motivational for every student in every classroom.

  • How can we give students and caregivers a "return to normalcy" while also framing the urgent need to improve grading to be more equitable?
  • What are grading practices that we know now, more than ever, improve learning?
  • How does equitable grading help to solve "grade inflation", and how does it also solve "grade deflation" (and why is that important)?


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