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Teach Like Yourself: Why Your Students Need You to Be You

Teach Like Yourself: Why Your Students Need You to Be You

Presented by Gravity Goldberg
[Recorded] Date: Monday, November 26, 2018
Duration: 60 minutes

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In this time when everyone seems to have an opinion or quick fix for what teachers need to do, it is time to hold on even tighter to your own core values and beliefs. When you are your most authentic teacher self you give permission for your students to be the same and the real work of learning can happen. Your students don’t need scripted lessons or gimmicks. They need you to align your teaching practice to your core values, build balanced relationships, drive your own professional growth, and practice self-care. Attend this webinar from Gravity Goldberg for special insight on how to use your gifts to be the teacher you’re uniquely intended to be.

New and veteran teachers, coaches, mentors, and administrators will learn:

  • Practices that help them define their core beliefs 
  • How to build balanced relationships
  • Ways to drive their own professional growth
  • Why it is vital to make time for self-care

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