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Simply Stations, Grades K-4: What Does the Rest of the Class Do During Small Groups?

Simply Stations, Grades K-4: What Does the Rest of the Class Do During Small Groups?

Presented by Debbie Diller
[Recorded] Date: Monday, May 18, 2020
Duration: 60 minutes

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The two questions Debbie Diller hears most from teachers when she talks about teaching in small groups to differentiate literacy instruction?

  • What are the other kids doing while she’s working with a small group of students?
  • How do I teach all of the material required by my state standards in the limited classroom time I have?

Literacy work stations, when done well, can solve both of these problems—and more. Literacy stations provide partner practice using what teachers already have in their classrooms. During her presentation, Debbie will show teachers how to create and sustain meaningful, engaging literacy stations that grow and change as their students develop new skills, and as instructional time shifts. Plus, teachers will be reminded how to make confident decisions based on what they know about their kids and about good literacy instruction—so they can move away from quick-fix ideas like worksheets or pre-made centers found online.

Participants will:

  • Understand what a meaningful, engaging standards-based literacy station is
  • Think about current instruction and independent work to determine how much their students are reading, writing, listening, speaking, and working with words in culturally responsive ways
  • Learn to plan for meaningful partner practice using what teachers have already taught
  • Learn simple tips that will help with classroom management and empower all children to work independently of the teacher during small-group instruction time

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