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Mindframes for Belonging, Identities, and Equity

Mindframes for Belonging, Identities, and Equity

Presented by Nicole Law, Sonja Hollins-Alexander and John Allan Hattie
[Recorded] Date: Monday, March 18, 2024
Duration: 60 minutes

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Belonging, Identities, and Equity (BIE) Mindframes drive transformative practices for inclusive and culturally fortifying school cultures. In this impactful webinar, authors Nicole Law, Sonja Hollins-Alexander, and John Hattie share their wealth of insights and perspectives that enhance the collective ability to create cultures and climates that foster a sense of belonging in order to disrupt educational inequities. Join us to learn: 

  • 10 unique mindframes backed by extensive education research and real-life scenarios
  • How to apply mindframes in your daily life and foster an environment where every student feels valued, safe, and able to learn without fear

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