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Leading School Teams: Building Trust to Promote Student Learning

Leading School Teams: Building Trust to Promote Student Learning

[Recorded] Date: Monday, June 11, 2018
Duration: 60 minutes

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Presented by David Horton

Is your team in a rut? Do you find yourselves off-track in your conversations or spending a majority of team time on topics not directly connected to student learning? Presented by David Horton, author of Leading School Teams, this webinar for busy teams and busy school leaders will explore three easy ways to get teams moving, focused, and making improvements to impact student learning.

Participants will:

  • Explore John Hattieā€™s Visible Learning research and the high-yield strategies that dramatically improve student learning performance
  • Understand the research around social capital and social networks, including how to measure your work in teams, collaboration, and climate
  • Take a deep dive into three components of high-functioning teams: structure, process, and trust

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