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Webinar Silver

What Color Is Your Mood? Reclaiming the Joy in Education

Presented by Debbie Silver
[Recorded] Date: Monday, September 11, 2023
Duration: 60 minutes

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Even in the face of the toughest challenges in education attitude can make all the difference – and we’re not talking about toxic positivity. When educators choose optimism they foster a school culture where students and staff feel safe, engaged, and productive.

The keys to improving school culture requires all participants to
1. Seek accurate information
2. Focus on what they can control
3. Take positive steps (even small ones), and
4. Assume a radical responsibility approach

Based on her research for her co-authored best-selling book, Deliberate Optimism: Still Reclaiming the Joy in Education 2ed, Dr. Debbie Silver will help teachers and leaders examine how they can build a shared culture of respect and optimism with her usual dose of cathartic humor.




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