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Breaking Down the "Digital" Wall: Essential Shifts for English Learners' Success in Any Learning Setting

Breaking Down the "Digital" Wall: Essential Shifts for English Learners' Success in Any Learning Setting

Presented by Margarita Espino Calderón, Maria G. Dove, Diane Staehr Fenner, Margo Gottlieb, Andrea Honigsfeld, Tonya Ward Singer, Shawn Slakk, Ivannia Soto and Debbie Zacarian
[Recorded] Date: Monday, November 16, 2020
Duration: 60 minutes

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One short year ago, Corwin’s Collective for EL Achievement began breaking down the walls that have for too long confined our multilingual learners, offering up nine essential shifts for delivering on our students’ promise. Then came COVID-19, which has only illuminated the long-standing systemic and societal inequities in place—most notably the Digital Divide. Now, the Collective is reconvening in an all-new webinar to share specific strategies for enacting the shifts in this very different teaching and learning climate.


Divided into nine parts, this webinar will walk attendees through the presenters’ nine tenets, which teachers and administrators can use as calls to actions in their own efforts to realize our English learners’ potential:

  1. From Deficit-Based to Asset-Based
  2. From Compliance to Excellence
  3. From Watering Down to Challenging
  4. From Isolation to Collaboration
  5. From Silence to Conversation
  6. From Language to Language, Literacy, and Content
  7. From Assessment of Learning to Assessment for and as Learning
  8. From Monolingualism to Multilingualism
  9. From Nobody Cares to Everyone/Every Community Cares


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