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7 Mindshifts for School Leaders

7 Mindshifts for School Leaders

Presented by Connie Hamilton
[Recorded] Date: Monday, November 14, 2022
Duration: 60 minutes

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How do we think about the most vexing problems in education? Author Connie Hamilton believes that our response during times of crisis holds the key.  In this webinar, you will hear how applying new mindshifts can re-energize your belief that you can solve long-standing problems in education. New ways of thinking about old problems like equity, teacher retention, grading, and reading ability will unlock the solutions you’ve been looking for.  

Attendees will leave empowered to address those issues that undermine well-intentioned efforts and limit student learning and growth.
Key Takeaways:
•    Understand the power of a crisis mindset and how it is applied to persistent, urgent, and important issues
•    Identify perennial problems that are limiting school and district success
•    Introduction to one of the seven MindShifts and how it can be applied


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