What Every Teacher Should Know

What Every Teacher Should Know
The 10 Book Collection

Ten Volume Set

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This slipcase collection of 10 compact volumes offers a complete training curriculum for teachers that covers all required essentials for teacher induction, mentoring, and support programs. The collection can be used for teacher certification and re-certification programs, as well as for fast-track alternative certification programs. Additional highlights embedded within each individual volume include assessment pre-tests and post-tests, resources, and content about urban learners, making this training program ideal for preparing highly qualified teachers for today's challenging classrooms, particularly in urban areas.

The entire collection allows instructors and staff developers to offer comprehensive teacher training that meets the requirements of the No Child Left Behind legislation. Individual works can be purchased separately and cover "What Every Teacher Should Know About . . ."

  1. Diverse Learners—research-based approaches to working with diverse learners
  2. Student Motivation—steps teachers can take to motivate and challenge students
  3. Learning, Memory and the Brain—a holistic approach to student learning
  4. Instructional Planning—long and short-term goals for lesson planning
  5. Effective Teaching Strategies—a bag of teaching tools for the written, taught, and assessed curriculum
  6. Classroom Management and Discipline—effective tools to minimize or prevent the most common discipline problems
  7. Student Assessment—a state-of-the-art guide to current research on performance assessment
  8. Special Learners—effective tools to help students with special needs achieve school success
  9. Media and Technology—media that work for each of the student modalities
  10. The Profession and Politics of Teaching—effective partnerships with parents, teaching peers, mentor teachers, administrators, and teacher organizations

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"Living up to its ambitious title—What Every Teacher Should Know—this 10-volume set offers a concise, practical training curriculum for teachers, especially those seeking certification or re-certification."

NEA Today, May 2004
Key features
  • Approved for use as a Title II training program under the new No Child Left Behind legislation (state by state "report cards") currently funded at $3 billion
  • Can also be used for fast-track certification programs under Title I, which requires "highly qualified" teachers for urban schools and also now requires every U.S. teacher to be certified by 2005-2006 and to demonstrate mastery of their subject fields.
  • Expected to be adoped by SREB (16-state consortium) and by Texas. In review in Arizona, Minnesota, and Cal State.
  • By the author of Corwin's best-selling Ten Best Teaching Practices!

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