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Teach Like Yourself

Teach Like Yourself
How Authentic Teaching Transforms Our Students and Ourselves

First Edition

August 2018 | 192 pages | Corwin

Gravity Goldberg’s Teach Like Yourself helps you become whatever you want to be as a practitioner. It’s one part life coach and three parts a manual for mastering the facets of teaching that no talks about, and yet are crucial to a satisfying career and to developing productive relationships with students.

Read this book when you need an extra shot of bravery. It’s a perfect resource if

  • You are looking for a resource that can help you be your own coach
  • You yearn for deeper, productive relationships with colleagues, students, and families
  • You sense that the what and how of your instruction doesn’t align with your core beliefs
  • You know teaching is your vocation—what you are meant to do—but you nevertheless are considering leaving the profession

In this, her fifth and most personal book, Gravity uses her gifts for developing teacher agency as she invites you to take on five powerful practices

  • Knowing your core beliefs
  • Viewing teaching as a practice
  • Building balanced relationships
  • Driving professional growth
  • Taking care of your whole self

To support you as you make these five practices lifelong habits, Gravity includes illuminating stories, reflection questions, short videos of advice from her and other teachers, a full-color Teach Like Yourself Manifesto poster, and a Teach Like Yourself Facebook Group moderated by the author.

Why I Wrote This Book
Organization of the Book
Three Recurring Features
Personal Stories  
Research-Based Practices  
Invitations to Reflect  
Use the Book to Coach Yourself
Chapter 1: Authentic Teaching
What Helps Us Be Authentic Teachers?
Shifts That Help Us Teach More Like Ourselves
Five Practices for Teaching Like Yourself
Chapter 2: Naming Core Beliefs
Start With Why
Creating Student Movement
3 Ways to Know and Name Your Core Beliefs
Uncovering Your Students' Beliefs
Coming Back to Why
Chapter 3: Viewing Teaching as a Practice
Four Types of Practice
Your Personal Power
View Student Learning as a Practice
Teaching Practice
Chapter 4: Building Balanced Relationships
Connection is a Basic Human Need
The Whole Picture of Professional Relationships
Relationship-Building Practices
Finding Balance
Chapter 5: Driving Professional Growth
Leaning Into Areas for Growth
How to Discover Your Own Areas for Growth
How to Design Your Own Professional Learning Plans
Learning With Insiders
Learning With Outsiders
Connecting Professional Learning to Beliefs and Goals
Chapter 6: Taking Care of Yourself
Create Space for Yourself
Focus on Happiness
Help Your Students Take Care of Themselves
Chapter 7: Teach Bravely
What Do We Lose If We Don't Teach Like Ourselves
Be Courageous
Teach Like Yourself Manifesto
Thank You
Appendix A: Book Study Guide
Appendix B: Teach Like Yourself Manifesto
Appendix C: Join the Teach Like Yourself Movement

"Gravity Goldberg is shining a light on the truth of what it means to be a teacher that makes a difference. Every child deserves one, and every teacher is capable of becoming one."

Seth Godin, Author of Linchpin

“Gravity Goldberg reminds us all that successful teachers are driven less by curriculum guides and more by the relationships they take the time to build with colleagues, students, and families. Goldberg’s personal stories give us more than a glimpse into her own continuous-improvement journey; in this way she builds an effective and instructive relationship with readers at any grade level. I highly recommend this book for teachers and administrators.”

Ron Nash, Education Consultant, Author From Seatwork to Feetwork and The Active Classroom

“We often forget that to give our students the best, we need to be at our best. Gravity provides avenues within our practices and outside the classroom to rejuvenate our passion to teach authentically.”

Justin Stygles, 5th Grade Teacher
Wiscasset School Department
Wiscasset, ME

“What I most love about Teach Like Yourself is Goldberg's ability to focus on what really matters. A must read for both experienced and novice teachers who are looking for a practical resource that gets to the heart of why we teach.”

Carol Pelletier Radford, Author, Mentoring in Action
Falmouth, MA

“Gravity Goldberg's book provides an essential teacher guide to self-reflection. It offers challenging questions we must consider in order to be effective and fulfilled teachers over the long-term.”

Larry Ferlazzo, High School Teacher, Ed Week Columnist and Author
Key features
  • Short videos of advice and stories from expert Gravity Goldberg
  • Authentic stories and practical advice from an expert mentor and coach for sustaining a life-long love of teaching
  • Practices for building relationships, owning your professional learning, and taking care of your whole self
  • The Teach Like Yourself Manifesto 8.5x11 poster
  • Access to a Teach Like Yourself Facebook Group moderated by Gravity

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