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Rethinking Student Discipline

Rethinking Student Discipline
Alternatives that Work

October 1993 | 136 pages | Corwin
Based on extensive research, this comprehensive book proposes an alternative view of discipline that incorporates a balance between punishment and positive reinforcement. The authors provide a practical framework for designing and implementing a student discipline programme that includes effective schoolwide strategies, classroom management techniques, non-traditional solutions to discipline problems and studies of types of student misbehaviour. Case studies and examples from model programmes and sample documentation are also included.

Toward the Development of Self-Discipline

The Foundation
A Schoolwide Discipline Program

Effective Building Blocks
In-Class Discipline

When Something Extra is Required
Problem-Solving Teams

Special Concerns
Discipline Strategies for Students At Risk

What About Corporal Punishment?
The New Discipline in Practice
An Administrator's Perspective


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