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Episode 1: Thriving Through Hyperchange with Dwight Carter

March 2, 2021


Season 1, Episode 1:

We live in an age of hyperchange - with disruptions piling on top of each other. In our first episode of Leaders Coaching Leaders, award-winning principal Dwight Carter shares how school leaders can maintain positivity in the midst of accelerating changes - and even learn to embrace them. Not all disruptions are negative - some are actually necessary for growth. In his new book, co-authored with Mark White, Leading Schools in Disruptive Times, 2nd edition, Dwight and Mark show leaders the Coping, Adjusting, Transforming (CAT) framework for responding to disruption.



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Dwight Carter


Dwight Carter

Dwight Carter is a nationally recognized school leader from Central OH. Because of his collaborative and innovative leadership, in 2010, he was inducted into the Jostens Renaissance Educator Hall of Fame. He has served as principal at Gahanna Lincoln High School, New Albany High School and has been a leadership coach and consultant. Mr. Carter has frequently been a guest speaker in schools, universities, and at local, state, and national conferences that deal with Generations Z and Alpha, technology integration, staff development, school culture, and other 21st Century education topics. He is currently an Assistant Director at Eastland Career Center in Groveport, OH.

Author: Leading Schools in Disruptive Times, What's in Your Space?

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Peter DeWitt

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D.), a former school principal in Upstate, NY, previously taught elementary school for 11 years. His syndicated blog, Finding Common Ground, is published by Education Week and he is a freelance writer for Vanguard Magazine. Peter has traveled the world, developing content, visiting school sites, influencing policy, and presenting with John Hattie. He has worked with educators at schools, districts, educational service centers, and educational organizations, including the Council of Chief State School Officials. His presentations focus on school leadership, school climate, as well as safeguarding LGBT students and other social justice topics.

Learn more about Peter's onsite professional development consulting, Collaborative Leadership, and connect with him on Twitter.



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Leading Schools in Disruptive Times

Leading Schools in Disruptive Times, 2nd Edition

From surviving to thriving during constant disruption

The updated edition of this handbook couldn’t have come at a better time. Focusing on lessons learned from the disruptions of 2020, including the COVID school closures and the renewed pursuit of social justice, the authors show school leaders how to prepare for and respond to disruptions that are leading to a “new normal.”

Educators are racing to stay ahead of pandemic-scale disruptions and need a blueprint for transformation. This book will walk you through the decision-making process so you’ll be able to transform as a leader to confront the issues you’ll face in the 2020s. Features include:

• Practical strategies for identifying and responding to disruptions
• An overview of the CAT framework: coping, adjusting, transforming
• Real-life stories from exceptional educational leaders
• Tips on guiding teachers, staff, and students through the many lessons learned during the pandemic
• Activities, scenarios, and practical actions to lead through complex topics that include remote learning, social justice issues, education reforms, generational differences, and social media issues

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