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Our Problem, Our Path

Our Problem, Our Path
Collective Antiracism for White People

August 2022 | 280 pages | Corwin

A healthy multiracial society could be ours

Building a healthy multiracial society is possible, but not without millions of White people seeing racism as our problem and choosing to walk an antiracist path. It will take us supporting and challenging one another on this journey to learn more about the realities of racism and what we can do about it. In Our Problem, Our Path, award-winning author Ali Michael and clinical psychologist Eleonora Bartoli invite White people to join them on an antiracist journey to learn to talk about race with one another in ways that lead to real change.

Drawing on decades of personal and professional experiences engaging in antiracism, the authors:

  • emphasize the need for White people to have honest, meaningful relationships not only with People of Color and Native people, but also with other White people, in order to change systems shaped by racism
  • provide strategies for parents and teachers to support White children to become contributing members of a healthy multiracial society
  • introduce trauma-informed tools from psychology that enable readers to understand and overcome their own resistance and fear around taking antiracist action
  • demonstrate how White people can take antiracist action today, exactly where they are and as they are

Grounded in an understanding of antiracism as a daily, lifelong practice, Our Problem, Our Path supports White people to help one another find the trailhead and start moving on the path toward a more just, equitable and loving multiracial society for all.

Part 1: Our Journeys
About this Book
Ali's Journey
Eleonora's Journey
Part 2: Seeing Ourselves Clearly in the Here and Now
Chapter 1 : Racism Is a White Person’s Problem
Internal Work: Anti-Racism in a Human Body
Chapter 2: The Myths
Internal Work: To act, you must pause
Chapter 3: What White People Learn About Race
Internal Work: Priming
Chapter 4: Now We Know What Not to Say. What Do We Say?
Internal Work: Empathy Is Our Superpower
Chapter 5: Can White Anti-Racist People Feel Proud of Being White?
Internal Work: Stereotype Threat
Chapter 6: Who Is White… and Why?
Internal Work: “But it’s not fair”
Part 3: Who We Will Be as the Racial Hierarchy Falls
Chapter 7: Taking Feedback and Using It Wisely
Internal Work: On Racial Competence and Moral Injury
Chapter 8:Talking to Other White People about Race
Internal Work: Healing Ourselves
Chapter 9: Creating and Sustaining White Anti-racist Learning Spaces
Internal Work: Training for Courage
Chapter 10: Taking Action

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