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The Math Recovery Series

The Math Recovery Series® provides intensive instruction for early number learning. The inquiry-based approach assesses children's knowledge and builds on this to develop a firm foundation of understanding and confidence in mathematics. See the books in the series.

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About The US Math Recovery Council®

The US Math Recovery Council® empowers educators to advance students’ mathematical thinking and success. Math Recovery® transforms numeracy education through customized and unique professional learning with meaningful assessment and instruction.

The mission of the US Math Recovery Council® is:

  • To transform numeracy education
  • To connect research with practice
  • To empower educators to advance student mathematical thinking and success... through Math Recovery® principles.

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US Math Recovery Council® Data & Results

Participation in Math Recovery® professional development courses improves teacher effectiveness by increasing their content and pedagogical understanding. Teachers who are actively engaged in diagnosing current student understanding and applying their knowledge of developmental learning progressions continue to enhance the effectiveness of their instruction, thereby positively impacting student growth.

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What Educators Are Saying

The quality and importance of the professional development offered through the US Math Recovery Council® has been recognized by course participants upon completion and implementation. 

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