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                     The Quick Guide to Simultaneous, Hybrid, and Blended Learning         

The Quick Guide to Simultaneous, Hybrid, and Blended Learning

By Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Almarode, and Aleigha Henderson-Rosser

In this eight-months-later follow-up to The Distance Learning Playbook, learn how to extract, integrate, and implement what works best from both distance learning and face-to-face learning environments to serve both our “roomies” and our “Zoomies.” Then and only then—Doug, Nancy, John, and Aleigha insist—can we maximize the learning opportunities for all of our students.

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At Corwin, we all share a deep horror and justifiable anger over the recent brutality in Atlanta and Minneapolis—and every bit as significant, the recognition that such brutality is not limited to these states but the product of a systemic failure across our more.



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