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PLC+ Institute

Corwin’s  PLC+ Institute provides attendees with a practical and evidence-based framework to support collaborative structures to support planning and implementation of student learning, as well as professional learning (e.g. microteaching, classroom observations) of the teachers and teacher leaders.

Oahu, Hawaii | Nov 14 - Nov 15, 2019

Early bird pricing: $349 per person (if registered by May 1, 2019)

General pricing:$399 per person

Learning By Design Institute

The Learning By Design Institute will walk teacher teams through instructional practices that are relevant and engaging to provide students with meaningful learning experiences that help them to reach expectations. Join Douglas Fisher, Cathy Lassiter, and Olivia Amador-Valerio at this two-day institute as they share evidence-based practices that transform and improve student learning. teacher clarity

Columbus, Ohio | Nov 04 - Nov 05, 2019

General pricing: $399 per person

Effective Leadership Institute

The Effective Leadership Institute is a two-day event that provides school leaders with specific, practical actions to implement in their classrooms, schools, and districts to improve leadership, teaching, and learning. Explore leadership processes rooted in collective efficacy, collaboration, with a focus on teacher and student growth.

Edmonton, Alberta | Nov 21 - Nov 22, 2019

Early bird pricing: $349 USD per person (if registered by May 1,2019)

General pricing: $399 USD per person 

Equity By Design Institute

At Corwin, we believe that promoting equity at all levels of the educational system is a moral imperative that stems from a uniquely human capacity for empathy, fairness, and justice. We invite you to attend this momentous event for new insight on how together, we can change the narrative and build a better world.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Nov 07 - Nov 08, 2019

Early bird pricing: $449 per person (if registered by May 1, 2019)

General pricing: $499 per person