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Evaluating Instructional Leadership

Evaluating Instructional Leadership
Recognized Practices for Success

Foreword by John Hattie

© 2015 | 200 pages | Corwin

Improve Principal Evaluation And Create Highly Effective Leaders!

Even with great teachers, student achievement hinges on an effective principal. Behind every high-quality principal is an airtight system of leadership evaluation that consistently rewards excellence and remedies deficits. 

While teacher evaluation methods have improved, instructional leadership evaluation has often stood still—and student learning and achievement have paid the price.

This book identifies the major problems in this process and articulates clear solutions. The result is a blueprint for ensuring the best person for the job is occupying the principal’s chair. Content includes:

  • Extensive data, presented in a user-friendly manner
  • Clear connections to the ISLLC Standards for School Leaders
  • A suite of interactive tools including sample self-assessments, mid-year and final evaluation forms, and professional growth plans

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“This book not only highlights the key messages about the role of the leader, but it is does so in a way that is engaging, practical, and reflects the Smiths’ long history of being school leaders, teaching school leaders, and seeing the effects of their teaching.  I have seen the Smiths in action, separately and together, and they know how to lead and how to teach, they have a strength of purpose they do not waver from, and these attributes come through in this book.”
-John Hattie, Director
Melbourne Education Research Institute, University of Melbourne

"After reading this book, you'll truly understand what it takes to grow as a lead learner. We can always get better. This book provides quality insight on strategies that will make good leaders great."
-Brad Currie, School Leader, Corwin Author and Co-Founder of #Satchat

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Foreword by John Hattie
About the Authors
Chapter 1: The Challenge
Chapter 2: The Architecture of Instructional Leadership Ability
Chapter 3: Element 1: Establishing a Shared Vision/Mission, Goals, and Expectations
Chapter 4: Element 2: Strategic Resourcing
Chapter 5: Element 3: Ensuring Teacher and Staff Effectiveness
Chapter 6: Element 4: Leading and Participating in Teacher/Leader Learning and Development
Chapter 7: Element 5: Providing an Orderly, Safe, and Supportive Environment
Chapter 8: Feedback for Learning
Chapter 9: Deliberate Practice in Theory
Chapter 10: Deliberate Practice in Application
Chapter 11: Putting It All Together

"This is a practical and comprehensive look at how principal evaluation can be used as a continuous improvement tool for schools as well as the principal. The rationale and research behind the design of this evaluation and improvement tool are presented in a concise and easy to read manner." 

Kathy J Grover, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Clever R-V Public Schools, Clever, MO

"I truly enjoyed reading this book.  The resources are exactly right for the challenges we are facing. It is a practical resource for present day leadership. The authors guide leaders in effectively using these strategies to bring about change in their environment. "

Lyne N Ssebikindu, Assistant Principal
Crump Elementary School, Cordova, TN

"The authors provide a great synthesis of current research and current issues in education to bring light to a problem that has not been addressed . . . It would be excellent for aspiring principals to read this book because it really breaks down for them the components of effective leadership."

Kelley King, Principal and Author-Consultant
San Diego Jewish Academy, Ramona, CA

"This book clearly articulates leadership qualities that impact schools. The authors do an excellent job of using effect size and research to support the qualities. The examples provide real world experiences and show how these qualities translate to classrooms and schools. This book is an essential guide for school leaders to reflect on their practice and how that translates to student achievement."

Katina Keener, Assistant Principal
Peasley Middle School, Gloucester, VA

"After reading this book, you'll truly understand what it takes to grow as a lead learner. We can always get better. Status quo is never an option. Strong leaders possess certain qualities that promote student success. This book provides quality insight on strategies that will make good leaders great."

Brad Currie, School Leader, Corwin Author and Co-Founder of #Satchat
Key features

The book offers a clear connection to ISLLC Standards for School Leaders.
It will offer an evaluation model for school leaders based on research from authorities such as John Hattie and Viviane Robinson.
In addition to the model, the book will provide numerous tools:

  • Performance rubrics
  • Sample self-assessments
  • Mid-year evaluation
  • Professional growth plan
  • Final evaluation forms
  • Many tables, figures, and exhibits to help deepen readers’ understanding of the content

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Chapter 1

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