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Evaluating Instructional Leadership Seminars

with Ray and Julie Smith

Praise for the Seminars:

"Participating in Learning Walks with Dr. Julie Smith was one of the best professional learning events I've experienced. This job-embedded PD provides a powerful collaboration platform for professionals from all levels of experience and expertise to learn together. I truly believe the Learning Walks process has the power to impact instructional practice and transform school culture". 
Melissa Roa, Specialist, Professional Development and Support
Volusia School District, Daytona Beach, FL

"I attended a great session with Raymond and Julie Smith. If the spirit of Visible Learning is that teachers should know their impact, it's essential that school principals should also know their impact on student learning. The Smiths provided some excellent tools for leaders to identify practices that can become a basis for gathering data and then correlating that data with changes in both teaching practice and student achievement."
Gary Houchens, Associate Professor
Western Kentucky University

Eight Recognized Practices for Success:

Recognized Practice 1 - 
Coaching Instructional Leadership
Support school leaders in assessing and improving their instructional leadership practices. 

Recognized Practice 2 - 
Feedback for Teacher & Leader Learning
Apply Visible Learning research on formative evaluation and feedback to teacher observations and classroom walkthroughs.

Recognized Practice 3 - 
Engaging in Linking Walks
Implement the Linking Walk process to deepen collective understanding of instructional practices related to school improvement efforts. 

Recognized Practice 4 - 
What's Changed about Change Leadership? 
Become familiar with change leader concepts and research, and create a change plan for your own school or district. 

Recognized Practice 5 - 
Linking Practice to Impact/Deliberate Practice 
Develop and implement a personal leadership growth plan that will significantly impact adult and student performance.

Recognized Practice 6 -
Activating Linking Talks With and Among Teachers
Facilitate dialogue between teachers about their impact on student learning and how it can be evaluated to improve student achievement. 

Recognized Practice 7 -
High-Impact Leadership Practices
Engage in learning activities designed to help leaders understand how to effectively implement high-impact instructional leadership practices.

Recognized Practice 8 -
Developing an Instructional Leadership Evaluation Framework
Adapt your current principal evaluation model to incorporate the practices defined in the Evaluating Instructional Leadership Framework

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