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Coaching Conversations
Updated Edition of Bestseller

Coaching Conversations
Transforming Your School One Conversation at a Time

Second Edition

Foreword by Simon T Bailey

May 2018 | 120 pages | Corwin

Being a successful school leader has become an increasingly complex role that demands not only tremendous craft knowledge and skills but also highly developed interpersonal skills. This revision of the perennial best seller, Coaching Conversations: Transforming Your School One Conversation at a Time provides a simple handbook for school leaders that will provide them with effective coaching conversational techniques that will engage and motivate the members of their school communities to work collaboratively toward total school transformation.

Both research and the extensive experiences of the authors suggest that a very effective and inexpensive strategy to provide support and motivate staff as the entire school community transforms, is through simple yet powerful coaching conversations between the school leader and staff.

Nature of Content:

Coaching Conversations: Transforming Your School One Conversation at a Time is meant to provide school leaders at all levels with simple, practical, easily learned and applied coach-like conversational techniques that will lead to open and reflective conversations with all members of the school community. The authors will distinguish coaching conversations from supervisory and mentoring conversations. Although these other forms of interactions have legitimate places in the interactions which take place within the school community, coaching conversations have the unique power to change the ways in which people think and interact in a positive manner that shifts responsibility for instructional improvement from just the school leader to every member of the school community. Because everyone potentially shares in the transformation of the school, they also share in the celebration of successful changes.

Simon T Bailey  
About the Authors
1. Coaching Conversations: The Link to Change
What Is a Coaching Conversation?  
Why Our Brains Need Coaching  
Why Trust Matters  
Holding Difficult Conversations  
Moving Toward Coaching Conversations  
Reflections for Practice  
2. Coaching, Mentoring and the Leadership Continuum
Leadership Practices Continuum  
How the Continuum Works in Practice  
Being a Coach-Like Mentor  
The Case for Being Coach-Like  
Reflections for Practice  
3. Committed Listening
Listening Assessment  
Moving to Action  
Components of Committed Listening  
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication  
Value Silence  
Unproductive Patterns of Listening  
Listen Without Obligation to Act  
Reflections for Practice  
4. Powerful Speaking and Questioning
Expressing Positive Intent  
Avoid Advice  
Ask Powerful Questions  
Reflections for Practice  
5. The Importance of Feedback
Three Types of Feedback  
Options for Offering Meaningful Feedback  
Framing an Important Conversation Using Reflective Feedback  
Journal Reflection About an Important Upcoming Conversation  
Using the Reflective Feedback Frame to Support Excellence  
Reframing Resistance  
Reflections for Practice  
6. Moving to Action: A Way of Being
The Basic Framework  
Study 1: Using the Reflective Framework in a Supervisory Coaching Conversatio  
Study 2: Using the Reflective Framework for Large Scale Challenges  
Next Steps  
Reflections for Practice  
Appendix A: Powerful, Open-Ended Questions  
Appendix B: Reflective Feedback  
Appendix C: Reframing Resistance  
Appendix D: Reflective Feedback Framework for Coaching Conversations  
Key features

This book provides:

  • Visuals, such as the Leadership Practices Continuum
  • Extensive actual examples of coaching conversations and cases
  • Exemplar stems for specific skills, e.g., asking powerful questions
  • A short summary at the end of each chapter
  • Metaphors for skill reinforcement throughout
  • Specific resources, such as a listening skills checklist
  • An annotated bibliography, and appendices such as lists of conversational stems

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