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Marceta F. Reilly

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Marceta Reilly, PhD, has 42 years of experience in education, moving from teacher to principal to school superintendent in Kansas. Her vision and passion were to create schools that were welcoming to students and families, and centers of learning and success for the entire community.

Dr. Reilly is now a leadership coach and has the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation. She is a founding member of Coaching for Results, Inc., and dedicated to partnering with school leaders who are doing transformational work. She uses coaching conversations to help her clients gain insight and confidence, and she helps build their capacity to be extraordinary leaders, based on their individual, innate strengths.

Dr. Reilly regularly conducts workshops about coaching conversations. She is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences, and has been invited to present these ideas to audiences in China (2007) and India (2009).

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  • Coaching
  • Effective Communication



  • "Releasing Leadership Brilliance: Creating a Culture of Learning"
  • "Teaming: The Emotional Glue of School Culture"
  • "Developing Professional Presence"
  • "Getting Genuine Buy-in from Staff"
  • "Building Relationships with Students: A Key Component of Broader Student Success"
  • "Saying What You Mean Without Being Mean"

Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations: Being a successful school leader has become an increasingly complex role that demands highly developed interpersonal skills. This workshop shows school leaders the practical coaching-conversation techniques they need to engage and motivate their school communities to work collaboratively toward total school transformation. Coaching conversations shift responsibility for instructional improvement from the school leader to every member of the school community. With this powerful approach, every member of the school community participates in the transformation of the school and shares in the celebration of successful changes!


  • Releasing Leadership Brilliance: Empowering Leaders with a Framework to Break Barriers in Education
    (From the book by Marceta Reilly and Simon T. Bailey)
  • The (Not So) Secret to Stronger Teams, Better Schools
  • Creating Schools Where Everyone Thrives
  • Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations: What does Coach Leadership Look Like in Action?
  • Facilitating Transformation Through the Entire School Community through Coaching Conversations!


“As a ‘seasoned’ veteran principal and former athletic coach, I was very skeptical at the thought that I was enrolling in a ‘coaching’ course! My initial thought was “what in the world could I learn now that I don’t already know?” After completing two years of mentoring with Dr. Marceta Reilly, my mind set now is why in the world didn’t I do this at the start of my career?

The experience and knowledge base that I now possess and demonstrate has truly been a life changing experience. Not only as a professional educator and a building leader, but also in my private and personal life. Dr. Reilly’s approach in presenting materials and her questioning skills make the learner really evaluate where they are and where they could be and would like to be.

Anyone placed in a leadership role that deals with people should actively pursue this training. Be it educational, business, public/private sector or personal, you will benefit and grow into a more positive, productive, caring and valued leader. Those around you will appreciate you and their own work environment with greater satisfaction.”

Tracy Smith, Principal, West Bourbon Elementary, USD #235, Uniontown, Kansas

“Being a former collegiate athlete this may sound funny, but I really didn’t understand the difference, in the business world, between a coach and a mentor. So when I was informed that I was going to get a coach and a mentor, I thought that the mentor would really help me achieve my goals, and my coach might give me a few good ideas along the way of how to be a better person. What I wasn’t prepared for was the impact that Marceta was going to make in all facets of my life, both work and personal.

From a business standpoint, I was able to drastically improve the performance (and happiness) of both my team and myself. I could visibly see the positive impacts in those around me from the changes I made in myself and how I interacted with them. This comes from someone who had scored extremely well on my 360 evaluation, so these small changes were helping to drastically increase what had been happy individuals to begin with…Marceta’s guidance really helped me to understand how I can bring out the best in those around me, as well as myself.”

John Almeida, Newsome Development, Kansas City, Kansas

“As a new administrator, having a mentor has been invaluable. There is so much connected to the job they don’t tell or teach you about in the graduate program for administration. Marceta became an important source of encouragement during my first year, and a knowledgeable and wise sounding board during my second year. Her experience and willingness to share were an important resource as I faced struggles and triumphs alike as a developing administrator.”

Jim Moseley, Asst. Principal, Independence Middle School, Independence, Kansas

“As an aspiring school administrator, I found myself overwhelmed when thinking of myself in this position. I began working with Leadership Coach Marceta Reilly to build my vision of leadership. After two years of engaging in productive coaching conversations with Marceta, I have grown my leadership skills and understand the power of “coach-like” leadership. Working with Marceta has better equipped me to lead from a set of core values and to continually participate in personal reflection to gain new insights. I now have the confidence to engage in the activity of leadership while serving the team I lead.”

Kelynn Heardt, English/ PE Teacher & Aspiring Principal, Baxter Springs High School, USD #508, Kansas

“Dr. Reilly has been my Leadership Coach since August, 2013. I entered into my Principal position in July, 2013. She was tasked with being my mentor during the very first year of my principalship. This has been an outstanding connection for me. Dr. Reilly and I speak via phone for an hour two times per month. I prepare a form to guide our discussion so our communication is directly related to my needs as a first year Principal. She has guided me into seeing a global perspective about how I lead my building. The communication and networking have been invaluable to me. I have purchased books that she has recommended, I have followed plans that we worked to build together, and I have designed my own vision and mission after a few guiding statements from her. Having a coach for my first year as a Principal has given me a judgment-free partnership and an opportunity to hone my leadership skills that would have, otherwise, not happened. She has come to know me as a leader and believes in my ability to forge ahead and continue to make a positive impact on my school and community. I will be forever thankful for the chance to work with her.”

Tammy Goldeisen, Principal, Mount View Middle School

“Dr. Reilly has worked with Kansas Educational Leadership Institute staff for three years to design and deliver customized coach training that will effectively prepare KELI mentors to support first year superintendents and principals. In addition to using currently available resources, Dr. Reilly creates new materials to use with the mentors in training and expertly facilitates whole group and small group follow up sessions throughout the year. Because these mentors are located across the state, Dr. Reilly’s interactions include face-to-face, meeting software, and conference call formats. In spite of already having years of on-the-job leadership experience, KELI mentors consistently rate KELI coach training and Dr. Reilly’s facilitation as meaningful and effective in enhancing their own personal skills for building leadership capacity in others. As the KELI program expands, we know Marceta can help us find just the right design and delivery model for this essential component of our mentoring program.”

Dr. Mary Devin, Director of the Kansas Educational Leadership Institute, State University