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Challenging the Mind, Touching the Heart

Challenging the Mind, Touching the Heart
Best Assessment Practices

December 1997 | 152 pages | Corwin
The biggest teaching challenges: What to teach, how to teach it, and how to make sure students are learning it. Reineke's solution: A seamless blend of curriculum, instruction, and assessment that will foster students' increased competence and increase their desire for learning. The author offers practical new strategies on how you can * Establish a classroom climate in which assessment is collegial and beneficial, not adversarial * Set goals for student learning * Decide which assessment method is right for which situation * Use assessment as a tool for learning, rather than just a measurement device * Incorporate affirmation into assessment to build student confidence and competence Learn how your instructional practice can drive assessment procedures. The author presents ideas to help you get students to use their assessments to see for themselves how they're doing and make needed changes in study habits. He includes suggestions on ways to use assessment as a tool for ongoing realignment of classroom goals. Each chapter ends with questionnaires that help you examine your own teaching practices and methods for continuing professional development. You'll find tips on creating your professional portfolio, suggested readings, scoring and grading samples, and an assessment example. This new book can help you link assessment, instruction, and curriculum in one smooth package. Your reward will be enhanced student skill development and knowledge. Use the worksheets as guides to design custom assessments and instructional strategies.
Assessment Foundations
Developing Effective Students
Creating a Manageable Curriculum
Using Assessment Information Effectively
The Professional Imperative  
Building a Supportive Assessment Culture

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