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Building Resilience in Students Impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences

Building Resilience in Students Impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences
A Whole-Staff Approach

Foreword by Gary Howard

June 2018 | 248 pages | Corwin
Chapter 1: A.C.Es and the New Normal
A.C.Es are an Equal Opportunity Occurence  
Lost in Translation  
The New Normal  
Chapter 2: Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Helping Others
Burnout or Compassion Fatigue?  
The New Normal: A Case Study Intervention  
Self-Care is an Ethical Imperative  
Chapter 3: It’s Easy to Have High Expectations: Hard to Grow a New Mindset
Knowing My Self Precedes Teaching Students  
Knowing My Students and Knowing Pedagogy-Growing Mindset  
Knowing My Strengths, Knowing the Strengths of My Students Fosters Resiliency  
I Can’t Learn From You Because You’re White  
Progress Not Perfection  
Knowing My Self and Responding to Change are About Self-Care  
Knowing My Self Matters Because When Negative Bias Shows Up- Students are Miseducated  
Good Teaching is not Enough- The New Normal Warrants Transformationist Teaching  
Chapter 4: The Effects of Trauma On the Brain
Acknowledging Trauma is Sitting in the Classroom is Good Teaching  
A.C.Es and Learning  
A.C.Es and Behavior  
Trauma Has Many Forms  
If I Knew Then What I Know Now  
Chapter 5: Teaching Behaviors , Differentiating Interventions, Changing Pedagogy
Relationships Precede Learning  
Talk Trust Feel Repair  
Schools/Classrooms Have a Culture and Culture is Learned  
Response to Intervention-RTI  
Looking at Behavior Management through a Trauma-Informed Lens  
Change is Hard and Leadership Matters  
Talk, Trust, Feel, Repair: My Rookie Year  
Schools are Ideal for Social Working  
Chapter 6: Plan with the End in Mind: Visioning a Compassionate School
The Innovative School District PreK-12th Grades  
Case Study: ISD’s Response to Behavior Interventions  
Changing Positions to Change Lives  
What Does It Mean to Work in Trauma-informed School/School District?  
Trauma-informed Do’s and Don’ts  
Chapter 7: From Theory to Practice: Transformationist Actions Convert A.C.Es to Aces
Transformationist schools/school districts  
Transformationist Instructional Staff  
Transformationist School Counselors and School-based Social Workers  
Transformationist School Psychologists and Nurses  
Transformationist Support Staff (office, cafeteria, custodial, bus drivers)  
Applying SEL Competencies and Resiliency Framework When Working with Colleagues  
Applying SEL Competencies and Resiliency Framework to Your Self-Care Plan  
Applying SEL Competencies and the Resiliency Framework when working with students  
Chapter 8: The Process, The Plan, The Transformation
The Process: Implementation Guide  
Where is Our Sense of Urgency?: The Transformationist School Counselor/Social Worker and Family Support Worker  
Chapter 9: In Their Own Words: Testimonies from A.C.Es survivors
Antwone Fisher  
Cleressa Brown  
Conor Black  
Maria Gonzales  
The Salomon Martinez Family  
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