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What Students Say to Themselves

What Students Say to Themselves
Internal Dialogue and School Success

November 1999 | 120 pages | Corwin
This book is about the inner voice of the self. It addresses the ways students, teachers, and others speak to themselves about who they are and how they fit in the world.

Listening to the Voices of the Inner Self
Developing Concepts of the Self
How Internal Dialogue Develops
Promoting Positive and Realistic Self-Talk in Students
Creating School-Wide Strategies to Enhance Positive Self-Talk

"In this concise, clearly written monograph, Purkey, a former public school teacher and currently professor of counselor education at University of North Carolina, Greensboro, describes how those who work with young people can encourage positive, realistic self-talk in themselves and their students."

J. A. Gamradt, University of New Mexico
CHOICE, 2000

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