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Transforming School Mental Health Services

Transforming School Mental Health Services
Population-Based Approaches to Promoting the Competency and Wellness of Children

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September 2007 | 368 pages | Corwin
Transforming School Mental Health Services provides a 'roadmap' for designing and implementing school psychological services for all students in a school. School psychologists will find guidelines for:

- Conducting a mental health needs assessment of the entire student body

- Analyzing patterns and trends to identify risk factors and common needs

- Using the needs assessment to plan and implement mental health service programs that respond to identified needs

Beth Doll, Jack A. Cummings
1. Why Population-Based Services Are Essential for School Mental Health, and How to Make Them Happen in Your School
Part I. Population-Based Assessment
Rick Jay Short, William Strein
2. Behavioral and Social Epidemiology: Population-Based Problem Identification and Monitoring
Jean A. Baker
3. Assessing School Risk and Protective Factors
Part II. Population-Based Intervention
Sandra L. Christenson, Elizabeth M. Whitehouse, and Gretchen R. VanGetson
4. Partnering With Families to Enhance Students' Mental Health
George G. Bear
5. Schoolwide Approaches to Behavior Problems
Rebecca S. Martinez, Leah M. Nellis
6. Response to Intervention: A School-Wide Approach for Promoting Academic Wellness for All Students
Kenneth W. Merrell, Barbara A. Gueldner, Oanh K. Tran
7. Social and Emotional Learning: A School-Wide Approach to Intervention for Socialization, Friendship Problems, and More
Susan M. Swearer, Dorothy L. Espelage, Kelly Brey Love, Whitney Kingsbury
8. Schoolwide Approaches to Intervention for School Aggression and Bullying
James J. Mazza, William M. Reynolds
9. Schoolwide Approaches to Prevention of and Intervention for Depression and Suicidal Behaviors
Part III. Policy and Evaluation
Bonnie K. Nastasi, John H. Hitchcock
10. Evaluating Quality and Effectiveness of Population-Based Services
Howard S. Adelman, Linda Taylor
11. Schoolwide Approaches to Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching
Jack A. Cummings, Beth Doll
12. Getting From Here to There

"This soundly structured book reinforces and enriches your skills in population-based mental health. It provides usable information on how to get administrative buy-in for implementing coordinated, proven prevention/intervention practices. Rich with Web connections and references, it can serve as a textbook, a practitioner's workbook, and as a tool kit for implementation."

Kevin P. Dwyer, Consultant, Turnaround for Children
Former President, National Association of School Psychologists

"I would like to see this book in the hands of every practitioner in the country! It represents where school psychology needs to go in order to meet the increasingly complex needs of students and families and to create learning environments that remove barriers to student achievement."

John Desrochers, Editor-Elect, Communique
National Association of School Psychologists

"Uses a wealth of studies and research to offer both formal and informal methods for defining and prioritizing a school's mental health program. School administrators will find this book a winner to developing a mental health program that addresses all the issues."

The Bookwatch, December 2007
Midwest Book Review
Key features
  • A "roadmap" to conducting a needs assessment of mental health services for all students in a school and to designing and implementing a mental health services program responsive to those needs 
  • School-wide approaches to intervention in significant behavioral problems, including violence, bullying, depression, and socialization difficulties
  • Interventions may be classwide, schoolwide or districtwide, and involve the participation of families, students, and the community
  • Strategies for involving parents in fostering mental health

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