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Starting Strong

Starting Strong
Surviving and Thriving as a New Teacher

Second Edition

August 2007 | 232 pages | Corwin
An ideal survival guide for novice teachers, Starting Strong helps new teachers gain confidence and competence to flourish and reduce stress during the first teaching year. The authors provide time-tested strategies and guidelines for designing curriculum and instruction, classroom layout suggestions for an optimal learning environment, and frameworks for establishing procedures that promote positive individual and group behavior. This invaluable handbook also offers: methods for effective assessment, samples of oral and written communication for parents and colleagues, ways to create classroom newsletters, techniques for using web sites for interactive learning and reflection questions for teachers at the end of each chapter

About the Authors
1. Teacher as a Creator of Classroom Environment
2. Teacher as a Manager of the Classroom
3. Teacher as a Designer of Instruction
4. Teacher as an Assessor
5. Teacher as a Promoter of Literacy
6. Teacher as a Facilitator and Guide for Learning
7. Teacher as a Relationship Builder
8. Teacher as a Communicator
9. Teacher as a Learner
Conclusion: Finding Your Own Style and Voice

"The perfect road map for assisting teachers, offering a wealth of resources they will need as they embark upon their journey as beginning teachers."

Donna R. Bohannon, Induction Staff Development Coordinator
Memphis City Schools, TN

"A very valuable asset! This book will be worthy of new teachers for many years to come!"

Lori Grossman, Instructional Coordinator
Houston Independent School District, TX

"An excellent introduction to the classroom for new teachers!"

Elaine Mayer, Lead New Teacher Coach
Oakland Unified School District, CA

"Well done! When I read the book, I felt like I was a new teacher progressing through my first year. As a current BTSA support provider, I will give this book to all my new teachers."

Julia Dewees, English and Social Science Teacher
Vista del Mar Middle School, San Clemente, CA

"College-level libraries catering to educators will find this book a basic and popular pick. It's an excellent beginning teacher's guide that's highly recommended for anyone venturing into the classroom for the first time."

The Bookwatch, October 2007

"Well-organized and easy to use, this handbook is filled with practical ideas covering such topics as classroom environment and management, best practices, assessment, communication, and becoming a lifelong learner. While there is much here for practicing educators, the reflection logs would be an especially worthwhile tool for preservice teachers."

Curriculum Connections, Spring 2008
School Library Journal
Key features
  • Time-tested strategies and ideas to help make your first year a smooth year
  • Offers classroom layout suggestions for an optimal learning environment
  • Provides frameworks for establishing procedures to promote positive behavior for the whole class, small group, or individual
  • Guidelines for designing curriculum and instruction
  • Examples for oral and written communication and parents and colleagues, back-to-school nights, and classroom newsletters
  • Web sites are suggested for active learning and lesson planning
  • Connections to brain-based research
  • Reflection questions are built-in at the end of each chapter, raising food-for-thought ideas as you evaluate your own practice

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