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Smart Discipline for the Classroom

Smart Discipline for the Classroom
Respect and Cooperation Restored

Fourth Edition

August 2007 | 136 pages | Corwin
Smart Discipline for the Classroom, Fourth Edition provides educators with a positive, step-by-step approach to developing an effective plan for handling classroom discipline. The author explains why traditional discipline methods are ineffective, and provides a generous collection of strategies that will encourage cooperation, strengthen student-teacher relationships, and create a positive atmosphere for learning. The updated fourth edition features expanded information about how to implement the Smart Discipline System, including new reproducible forms, answers to frequently asked questions, and references to the research that supports the recommended strategies.

About the Author
1. Misbehaviors and Their Causes
2. Usual Discipline Methods and Their Drawbacks
3. Commonsense Principles of Smart Discipline
4. Effective Prevention Strategies
5. The Smart Discipline System
6. Strategies for Minor Misbehaviors (Plan A)
7. Strategies for the Most Difficult Misbehaviors (Plan B)
8. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Strategies
9. Parental Support and Involvement
10. Your Personal Smart Discipline Plan
Note From the Author
Suggested Readings

"Very beneficial for all individuals who must deal with student misbehavior. The Smart Discipline Plan is easy to use and could easily be implemented school wide. This book is recommended for any teacher experiencing difficulty in student discipline."

Gina Segobiano, Superintendent
Signal Hill School District #181, Belleville, IL

"This book presents concrete strategies that are easy to incorporate. The essential message is one of building relationships with students and setting up a win-win environment."

Paulette Tetteris-Woosley, Assistant Principal
Wallburg Elementary, Winston-Salem, NC

"This practical, user-friendly resource is excellent for teachers working with large classes, with diverse populations of students, and in inclusive environments."

Sharon Damore, Assistant Professor of Education
DePaul University

"Offers a teacher friendly and manageable plan that maintains the dignity and respect of the students."

Roxie Ahlbrecht, Second-Grade Teacher
Robert Frost Elementary, Sioux Falls, SD
Key features
  • Examines the drawbacks of typical discipline methods
  • Offers sound principles for handling discipline in the classroom
  • Features more than 60 strategies for increasing respect and cooperation
  • Presents directions and guidelines for incorporating the Smart Discipline System
  • Includes reproducible charts to facilitate use of the system

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