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Increasing Student Motivation

Increasing Student Motivation
Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers

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September 2005 | 160 pages | Corwin

Spark students' motivation to learn and succeed beyond the formal years of schooling!

Every student enrolled in school can learn; however, the capacity for learning varies among students. As a result of a two-decade-long interest, author Margaret A. Theobald provides teachers with ideas and insights that can help support and motivate middle and high school students to do their best work. This unique book, which defines motivation, contains basic theories and a wealth of useful practical procedures. Easy to pick up, its simple approach and format will help school leaders apply and modify motivational strategies for all students while recognizing that each student is unique.

Written, developed, designed, and presented to teachers and school leaders for immediate application, this handbook provides:

  • General frameworks for thinking about motivation
  • Hundreds of strategies from middle and high school educators who have succeeded in motivating students to learn
  • A deeper understanding of the needs of students as those needs relate to students' motivational levels

Increasing Student Motivation fills an important niche in professional educational literature and will prove to be an invaluable resource for all educators who work with students and are concerned about how to help them maximize their potential.

Foreword by John A. Pohl
About the Author
1. Motivation Is a Mindset
Each Student Learns

Mistakes Aid Learning

Positive Feedback Is Necessary

Self-Concept Affects the Mindset


2. Motivation Is Influenced Through Observation
Project Intensity and Enthusiasm

Model Self-Confidence


3. Motivation Is Affected by Timing
Timing of Needs Varies

Needs Drive Objectives


4. Motivation Is Independence
Teach Goal Setting

Encourage Performance Appraisal

Provide for Self-Reinforcement

Role-Play With Optional Actions


5. Motivation Is Reflected in Victory
Process Leads to Success

Success Comes From Finished Products


6. Motivation Involves Action
Opportunities for Active Learning

Situations for Hands-on Activities


7. Motivation Is Increased Through Transfer
Relate New to Old Learning

Adapt Tasks to Student Interests

Clarify the Abstract


8. Motivation Is Inherent to Individuality
Recognize Weaknesses and Strengths

Relate Cognitive Experiences to Abilities

Demonstrate Talents and Skills

Express One’s Differences From Others


9. Motivation Is Rooted in Ownership
Teach Responsibility

Involve Students in Decisions


10. Motivation Is Natural
Challenge Students

Encourage Student Expression

Acknowledge Student Views


Resource A: Strategies and Learning Styles
Resource B: Bloom’s Taxonomy, Cognitive
Resource C: Positive Word List
Resource D: Example, Student Goals
Resource E: Example, Student Lesson Plan

"This book is a wonderful resource for both beginning and experienced teachers!"

Art Dickinson, High School Physical Education Teacher
Perry County School District #32, MO

"In our current era of test savvy students, we all need multiple ways to confront the increase in motivation required to have all students achieve their highest levels. Dr. Theobald has provided an important and readable resource for beginning and experienced teachers."

David Waters, Principal
Farmington Senior High School, MO

"A valuable resource for teachers, principals and counselors. This book has a wealth of approaches to assist students to become involved in their own learning, resulting in greater accomplishments for them in the classroom."

Ada L. Cruce, Professor Emeritus
Counselor Education, Southeast Missouri State University

"An inspirational compendium of ideas, highly recommended for public and private educators alike."

Wisconsin Bookwatch, November 2005
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