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The Elementary Principal’s Personal Coach

The Elementary Principal’s Personal Coach
Tapping Into Your Power for Extraordinary Leadership

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June 2010 | 192 pages | Corwin
The Elementary Principal's Personal Coach: Tapping Into Your Power for Extraordinary Leadership is a book for primary headteachers to use on their own or as part of a professional development training session. The book provides scenarios for rich conversations to strengthen a leader's capacity for problem solving and handling the day-to-day challenges of the primary headship. Each chapter focuses on a particular ISLLC standard and includes:

- Lessons learned from episodes in the daily life of a headteacher

- A mini coaching session powerful reflective questions designed to deepen the understanding of leaders about practice

- A journaling section for headteachers to write about their own similar experiences

- Professional development opportunities at the end of each chapter for use by staff developers.

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Extraordinary Gift Haiku
About the Authors
1. Stewardship of a Vision
2. Negotiating a School Culture of Advocacy for Students
3. Managing an Effective Organization
4. Leading a Diverse Family and Community Connection
5. The Ethics of Leadership
6. Tuning In To the Larger Context
7. Bodies of Work for School Improvement

"The Elementary Principal’s Personal Coach provides school leaders with both inspiration and guidance for their challenging and important work. Diana Raney Williams and Essie Hayden Richardson bring to life the abstractions and aspirations of the ISLLC standards through helpful explanations, vivid examples, and compelling stories. Their reflective questions and use of journal writing honor the uniqueness of each reader, and they offer practical suggestions for further learning and action."

Dennis Sparks, President
Thinking Partners

“There is such authenticity when educators speak from true experiences. I found myself unwilling to put this book down. There are so many ways this book can be used by educators, but probably none more important than by the individual principal seeking support, affirmation, and inspiration for continuing the efforts necessary to achieve the vision for his or her school and students.”

Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director
National Staff Development Council
Key features
  • Lessons learned: This is not a how to book. Instead, the book is organized around stories about something that happened in the day of a principal. The authors then reflect upon the lessons they learned from the episode and they invite the reader to do the same.
  • Mini-coaching session: The reader will be asked to reflect upon their own stories and will be guided by powerful coaching questions designed to deepen the understanding of their practice.
  • Journaling: Following the stories and lessons learned, there is a section for principals to reflect and write their own related stories. These pages are designed to serve as a diary and written record of memorable events.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: At the end of each chapter there is a professional development process that provides a job embedded context for use with staff and or parents. This book honors the standards for effective professional development, as the activities described are job-embedded and based on the context of the setting. (NSDC, 2000).
  • Aligned with ISLLC standards: Each chapter focuses on a particular ISLLC Standard.

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