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Cultural Proficiency Tool 2: The Guiding Principles eCourse

Cultural Proficiency Tool 2: The Guiding Principles eCourse
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This five-hour eCourse  focuses on the second tool of Cultural Proficiency—the guiding principles. You will examine the belief system of cultural proficiency and how the nine guiding principles help to expose areas that are often overlooked in our schools.


This eCourse includes: 
  • Videos featuring expert authors explaining the key concepts and tools of Cultural Proficiency
  • A full eBook chapter from Cultural Proficiency: A Manual for School Leaders
  • A short quiz to check your understanding of the material
  • A Going Deeper response journal prompt that asks you to think about the ways in which your school and/or district responds to diversity

This course may be taken by individuals as a self-paced, independent study, or by groups of educators as part of a school or district cohort.  

For group enrollments, please contact Corwin Sales at (800) 831-6640.

Overview and Objectives
eBook Chapter 6: The Second Tool--The Guiding Principles of Cultural Proficiency
Video 1.1 The Guiding Principles  
Video 1.2: The Nine Guiding Principles  
Video 1.3: The Dominant Culture  
Going Deeper Journal
Check for Understanding

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