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Cultivating a Math Coaching Practice

Cultivating a Math Coaching Practice
A Guide for K-8 Math Educators

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Foreword by Deborah Schifter

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Coaching | Mathematics

April 2009 | 216 pages | Corwin
Given the current demands of a math teaching practice, this case-based resource helps math coaches, prospective coaches, and administrators develop their knowledge of math content, hone their coaching skills, and enhance their ability to provide professional development for teachers in Grades K–8.

Field-tested in a number of school districts nationwide, this concise guide presents authentic accounts of coaching practice, dilemmas, and insights. The cases, written by practicing math coaches, emphasize developing a deep understanding of mathematics, analyzing students' ideas and teachers' beliefs about learning, and cultivating teacher learning and growth. Amy Morse provides:

Math activities that strengthen a coach's math content knowledge

Planning activities to support thoughtful coach-teacher interactions

A detailed facilitator's guide for staff developers leading professional development opportunities for math coaches, providing a detailed agenda, specific examples of participants' questions, and facilitator responses

Cultivating a Math Coaching Practice gives math leaders the tools to help teachers create quality math programs and bolster student achievement.

Foreword by Deborah Schifter
About the Author
1. Observing, Studying, Analyzing, Planning: Preparing to Coach
Case: Moving Between Models

Math Activity: Models, Fractions, and Percents

Focus Questions Activity

2. Discerning and Responding: Coaching in Real Time
Case: Analyzing Multiplication

Math Activity: How Do You Know?

Focus Questions Activity

3. Strategic Coaching: Goal-Centered Modeling in the Classroom
Case: "It's 30 Less and 90 More": A Case About Listening to Children's Ideas

Math Activity: Angles and Angle Measurement

Focus Questions Activity

4. Reaching a New Teacher: Math as the Conduit
Case: A Case of Coaching: Multiplication and Division Journal Entries

Math Activity: Looking Beneath the Surface

Focus Questions Activity

5. Preparing for Thoughtful Dialogue
Transcript 1

Transcript 2

Transcript 3

6. Purposeful Planning and Facilitation
Case: Coaching in a Group: Moving From 1:1 to 1:?

Focus Questions Activity

Planning Activity: Facilitating Group Learning

7. Refining and Reimagining One's Coaching Practice
Case: Learning About Counting, Learning About Coaching

Focus Questions Activity

Planning Activity: Cultivating Collaborative Study

8. Cultivating Relationships With Administrators and Other Leadership Colleagues
Case: Crafting an Invitation: Shifting From Isolation to Inclusion

Focus Questions Activity

Planning Activity: Considering Collaboration and Communication

9. Taking the Lead as a Teacher of Teachers
Case: Encountering Venus

Math Activity: Exploring Story Problems

Focus Questions Activity

10. Maintaining a Focus on Mathematics
Case: Struggling to Keep Math at the Center

Focus Questions Activity

11. Framing the Connection Between Coach and Teacher Goals
Case: Unsatisfied in the Seminar

Focus Questions Activity

Planning Activity: Meeting the Challenge

12. Examining the Role of Authority in Coaching
Case: Claiming Authority

Focus Questions Activity

Planning Activity: Two Posters Activity

Facilitation Guide
Chapter 1 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 2 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 3 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 4 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 5 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 6 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 7 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 8 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 9 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 10 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 11 Facilitation Notes

Chapter 12 Facilitation Notes


“Written case studies of math coaching are essential tools to facilitate the professional development of our mathematics coaches who work hand-in-hand with over 200 schools in our district. We are pleased to have this book developed by Amy Morse and a cadre of math coaches to support our math leadership efforts.”

Lance Menster, Manager of Elementary Mathematics
Houston Independent School District, TX

"This new resource draws on cases of coaching practice to provide grounded opportunities for communities of math coaches to strengthen their practice. It is an exciting and important resource for anyone responsible for the professional development of math coaches."

Linda Ruiz Davenport, Senior Program Director of Elementary Mathematics
Boston Public Schools, MA
Key features
  • Unique case-based approach presents readers with authentic accounts of coaching practice, dilemmas, and insights
  • Cases emphasize the following themes: mathematics for teaching, analyzing students' ideas and teachers' beliefs about learning, issues of authority in coaching, and avenues for cultivating collaboration with teachers and principals toward refining teaching practices.
  • Each case is accompanied by a related math activity to strengthen coach math content knowledge or a planning activity designed to support thoughtful consideration for the coach's next steps, and focus question activities
  • Facilitation notes for session leaders provide a detailed agenda and practical facilitation support. In addition, facilitation notes include specific examples of participants' questions and ideas and facilitator responses
  • Cases and support materials have been carefully field-tested in a variety of sites

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