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Being Responsive to Cultural Differences

Being Responsive to Cultural Differences
How Teachers Learn

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Cultural Competence

December 1997 | 224 pages | Corwin

This book offers educators a comprehensive look at the state of teaching in the changing cultural mix of American education. It draws skillful pictures of the challenges and opportunities facing teacher education faculty and students as well as preservice teachers.

In 12 chapters, the contributors explore training and teaching from a variety of perspectives. For example, follow a minority preservice teacher as she relates her difficulties with the older, White supervisors who test her resolve to be a teacher. Hear from a white teacher in a minority classroom on the progress of cultural responsiveness in practice. Find out how educators are (or aren't) incorporating multicultural perspectives into their curricula.

This thoroughly researched volume considers the burgeoning issue of cultural responsiveness in teacher education. Contributing authors use rich descriptions and examples of how these new responses look and feel in practice. Real-life stories clarify perspectives and provide ideas on how to incorporate these lessons into teacher education courses.

This volume looks at how the education of millions of students of color is affected by their nearly-always-white teachers. The chapter authors offer opinions and suggestions for teacher educators to encourage preservice teachers to construct and expand their own skills and techniques for teaching 21st century populations in ways that are culturally responsive.

Pearl M Rosenberg
The Presence of an Absence
Issues in Teacher Education at a Predominantly White College Campus

Jane Agee
Confronting Issues of Race and Power in the Culture of Schools
A Case Study of a Preservice Teacher

Valerie Ooka Pang and Velma Sablaln
Teacher Efficacy
How Do Teachers Feel about Their Ability to Teach African-American Students?

Michael Webb
A View toward the Unexplored Frontier

Mwangaza Michael-Bandele
The African Advantage
Using African Culture to Enhance Culturally Responsive Comprehensive Teacher Education

Michael Vavrus and Mustafa Ozcan
Multicultural Content Infusion by Student Teachers
Perceptions and Beliefs of Cooperating Teachers

Sharon Adelman Reyes, Nayda Capella-Santana and Lena Licon Khisty
Prospective Teachers Constructing Their Own Knowledge in Multicultural Education
Claudette M Ligons, Luis A Rosado and W Robert Houston
Culturally Literate Teachers
Preparation for 21st Century Schools

Andrea Guillaume, Carmen Zuniga and Ivy Yee
What Difference Does Preparation Make? Educating Preservice Teachers for Learner Diversity
Francisco Rios, Laura Stowell and Janet McDaniel
Pursuing the Possibilities of Passion
The Affective Domain of Multicultural Education

Constance L Walker and Diane J Tedick
Multicultural Education in Practice
What Do Teachers Say?

Mary E Dilworth
Old Messages with New Meanings

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