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Assessing Educational Leaders

Assessing Educational Leaders
Evaluating Performance for Improved Individual and Organizational Results

Second Edition
Edited by:

July 2008 | 240 pages | Corwin
This revised edition of the bestseller by Douglas B. Reeves contains the information and tools necessary to successfully evaluate all types of educational leaders and improve individual and organizational performance. Based on research, theory, and best practices of leadership, organizational effectiveness, and personnel evaluation, this book focuses on three critical concepts:

Leadership has a dramatic impact on student achievement, equity, and staff morale

Leadership effectiveness includes both personal predispositions and acquired knowledge skills

Leadership evaluation is intended to improve personal and organizational performance, not merely to render an assessment.

About the Author
1. Why Leadership Evaluation Is Broken
The Knowing-Doing Gap

Progress in Leadership Evaluation

Ambiguous Leadership Standards

Incoherent Leadership Evaluations

Authority-Responsibility Disequilibrium

A Better Way: Multidimensional Leadership Assessment

2. Reframing Leadership Evaluation
Patrick's Choice

A New Vision of Educational Accountability

Criteria for Multidimensional Leadership Assessment (MLA)

Implications of a New Vision for Leadership Evaluation

3. Moving Beyond One-Dimensional Leadership Evaluation
The Prevalence of One-Dimensional Evaluation

Leadership Is More Than Test Scores

Leadership Is More Than Popularity

Leadership Is More Than Obedience

4. Creating an Improved Leadership Evaluation System
Domains of Leadership Performance

Leadership Performance Standards

Multidimensional Leadership Assessment

5. Using Evaluation to Improve Performance
The Capacity-Building Continuum

The Challenge Continuum

The Coaching Continuum

The Counseling Continuum

Defining Performance: The Key to Using the Continua

6. Developing a Multidimensional Leadership Assessment System
Leadership Domains

Leadership Performance

Leadership Assessment as a Research Goldmine

Organizational Goals, Values, Priorities

The Performance Continuum

Qualitative Information: The Lens for Understanding Quantitative Data

Reflection and Self-Regulation

7. Building the Next Generation of Educational Leaders
The Leadership Development Imperative

Prototype for a Leadership Development System

Authentic Assessment for Future Leaders

8. Leading Leaders
The Coaching Conundrum: Results of Antecedents?

Inquiry and Hypothesis Testing

Applying MLA Throughout the Organization

9. Improving Leadership Evaluation With Multidimensional Leadership Assessment
Analyze the Present Evaluation System

Create Dimensions of Leadership

Specify Performance Levels

Field Test the Instrument at Multiple Levels

Implement Throughout the Organization

Share Results With Universities and Research Institutions

Use MLA for Training, Recruiting, and Developing Leaders

Conclusion: Finding Answers Inside

10. Hallmarks of Excellence
11. Leadership Responsibilities for Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring
Resource A: The Leadership Performance Matrix
Resource B: National Leadership Survey Results
Resource C: Leadership Evaluation Survey
Resource D: The Gap Between What Leaders Know and What They Do
Resource E: Principal Evaluation Rubrics
Resource F: Leadership Professional Growth Matrix

"Without question, Reeves indeed provides readers with insight in evaluating performance for improved individual and organizational results. The book makes a distinct contribution to the field of education."

Kenneth M. Arndt, Superintendent
Community Unit School District 300, Carpentersville, IL

"The book is a great contribution on a very critical topic. It provides an excellent guide for developing a system and having important conversations with the leadership team."

Rene S. Townsend, Principal of Leadership Associates
Price Charities

Praise for the First Edition:
“This book touches on critical aspects of motivating your staff. Standards-based and truthful characteristics are employed to make it even more worthwhile.”

Principal Navigator, May 2008
Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators
Key features

· Hallmarks of Excellence™ Leadership Analysis, a cutting edge leadership assessment and coaching tool designed to provide confidential feedback to senior leaders.

· Principal Evaluation Rubrics, an exceptionally creative contribution to the field by Kim Marshall, leadership coach for New Leaders for New Schools and the editor of The Marshall Memo (

· Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring (PIM™) Research, revealing the specific actions of educational leaders that are most linked to improved student achievement.

· Examples of real world applications of The Leadership Performance Matrix

Sample Materials & Chapters

Preface to the Second Edition

Chapter 1

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