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Being Mentored

Being Mentored
A Guide for Proteges

© 2002 | 96 pages | Corwin

"This is the best book on how to ask for help and search out opportunities if you want to be an effective teacher."
Harry K. Wong, Author
The First Days of School: How to Be An Effective Teacher 

Take responsibility for your own learning by learning from others.

As a new teacher, you need help! The inspiration and encouragement which mentorship provides is crucial during the first (and toughest) months of teaching. This book gives you all you need to fully recognize and utilize the valuable rewards uncovered throughout the mentoring process.

Thought-provoking and action-generating discussions reveal how to become a proactive protégé, making this book a wonderful resource in the preparation of prospective teachers. A step-by-step approach illustrates the unique perspective of receiving mentorship, and how to make the most of it. Topics discussed include:

  • Building trust and clarifying communication
  • Identifying who does what
  • Learning from watching
  • Deciding where to focus your efforts
  • Planning your professional growth

Before you can profit from experience, you must acquire it. This book reveals the unique skills necessary to interpret and put to use the guidance, wisdom, instruction, and assistance of a mentor and become a self-empowered, proactive protégé.

About the Author
1. Participate
Take the Initiative  
Developing the Relationship Takes Time  
Earn and Keep Your Mentor's Trust  
Clarify Communication  
2. Take Responsibility
Don't Wait, Instigate  
Feedback and How to Receive It  
When to Give Feedback  
Mismatched Mentoring Relationships  
Responsibility to Yourself  
Responsibility to Others  
Get to Know Your Principal  
Clarify Ground Rules Early  
3. Observe
Be an Objective Observer  
What to Observe  
Expand Your View  
Don't Imitate, Create  
4. Ask
Whom to Ask  
Where to Ask  
How to Ask  
What to Ask For  
Why Ask?  
5. Chart Your Course
Find Out What You Don't Know  
Set Priorities  
Identify Resources  
The Power of Planning  
6. Network
Support From Collegial Groups  
Guidelines for Support and Discussion Groups  
Networking on the Internet  
Working With College and University Professors and Cohorts  
7. Take Informed Risks
Look Before You Leap  
Should You or Shouldn't You?  
Help the Risk Succeed  
Risk With Conviction  
8. Reflect
Keep a Professional Learning Journal  
Guided Reflection  
Focused Reflection  
9. Give Back
Leave a Legacy  
Be a Change Agent  
Experienced Newcomers  
The Gift of Renewal  
Resource A: Internet Sites and Publications for New Teachers
Resource B: Professional Education Organizations and Their Web Pages
Resource C: Chatboard Exchange on the Internet

"This is the best book on how to ask for help and search out opportunities if you want to be an effective teacher."

Harry K. Wong, Author
The First Days of School: How to Be An Effective Teacher

"Being Mentored: A Guide for Protégés, is especially unique. Most books related to mentoring address the mentors or the mentoring program instead of the mentee."

Mentoring and Tutoring, Vol. 13, Issue 1, 2005
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